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Oh wow, Very cool Ian.
I'll PM you
Brian - your black seat and ball end grips will be mailed today. Well deserved - congrats.

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Here Is the first prize trophy almost complete...
@kingfish254 Yep you guessed it... Its a mini Verboten Trophy(elgin frame) made from bike bits.View attachment 12840 View attachment 12841 View attachment 12843 View attachment 12842 A lot of pics,the kingfish254 way.:D

I cracked up laughing when I saw this. A few days earlier, I had been joking with @karfer67 that I was going to name my Build Off "11" bike SpinalTap and he said that I should build a mini VerBoten.

Doh, sorry for the slow response, I got third, I'd love set of the black ball end grips Thanks. I'll pm you my address.
Good job with your placing guys! Awesome bikes.

Your prize grips are going in the mail today. Enjoy.


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Got the First Place Thompson Saddle and Grips in!
Thanks again Ian (@ifitsfreeitsforme )

I received my prize and what a fantastic job Roadwarrior did building it ! The pics don't do it any justice as you can't see all the fine details and well my indoor photo skills aren't so good!
Thanks again Mitchell it will be displayed proudly !

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Got this new RRB hat in the mail from @@Rebel_56 . When Steve offered him a prize for putting together the voting list, Kenny chose VerBoten to award it to instead. Thanks Kenny, Steve, and Doug from Happy Stitches. Very cool fitted hat.

Received another First Place prize today. This one is a cool bike tag from @@tanksalot . Thanks Tom!!!

Better late than never....:grin:
First prize is finished,I added the wings.:whew:
Blue for first place.
Not very good with the metal stamping.:confused:kingfish254


cherrydeuce gets the tick tock prize
And decided to make 2nd and 3rd prizes...
Will make the bases tomorrow.


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WOW!!!! That trophy is some kind of cool!!!!!!
You outdid yourself Miss Funk! THANKS!!!!
Great work on the other trophies too!
Once paypal is open again for Greece, I'll chip in on shipping for the other trophies.

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