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For the love of the Ride 🚲 🔥
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Jul 1, 2014
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Las Vegas Area
This old Shelby frame was.given to me a little over a week ago. It looks like one of the previous owners dipped the 4 corners In Brass electroplating.

7 speed nexus. 57mm wheels. Waiting for spokes. Still working on a bars and a whole lot of details.

More to come.
Love the name, and the frame. There something special when you see the bare bones.
I'm digging the parts mix. This should be fun.
Sweet frame.
Thank You JA331!

Classic vintage frame with modern cool components is always a great recipe, hot rodding at it's finest.
A recipe for fun. Can't wait to ride it.
Love the name, and the frame. There something special when you see the bare bones.
❤️ thanks Funkme. Always love an almost bare frame as well.

With the name and such unique patina, I hope you aren't planning to paint this one? So much brass....
Was thinking of painting it white!

o_O ... Just kiddin.

This one will remain patina'd like it is. Have a few places of white paint transfer to remove.

Cool build name + vintage frame = Great start!

RaT oN~!
Thanks OJ. A fitting name as well. This and Insane will become my goto rides for sure.

That patina has got it going on. Great start to one of my favorite frames.:41:
Thanks Marshall. This is my first Shelby. Love the looks of that patina.

I'm digging the parts mix. This should be fun.
Thanks kingfish. Still figuring out the parts. Fun to build , fun to ride. Win win.

Great start! That frame is awesome!! 😍
Thanks Mr Monkeyarms!


As hard as I am on things, plus changing over to 0 Cross threading pattern, 32 spokes wouldn't stand a chance. Those hubs with almost 90MM flanges are just begging for more spokes.

I may rehole them to 12G later on if I have an issue with 64 radial regular spokes.

Need a threading tool, custom length spokes and threading dies to go 12G.
64 Spokes for the rear came in yesterday. I spent some time to mark up, punch and drill the extra holes out.

Not computer perfect but close enough for what I need. A few didn't seem to keep to the punched mark.. most won't hardly notice when it's together.

Taped a fence on the neighbors big drill press. Working to mark and punch the wheels for drilling.
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I almost drilled the holes in the wheels and think I am changing my plans. The marks can be for internal LEDs later if I decide to go that route. Gonna being the new holes out closer to the edge to more evenly distribute the weight on the wheels.

Now I have to figure out the front hubs. They are both sealed bearing, and will roll very smoothly...

The Miche Pistard is slightly smaller in diameter than the other one. When i add 32 more holes I can bring the second set in at a tighter diameter in case I want to change to 12guage later.

The one that I don't even know the brand looks really cool. Neighbor down the street put similar hubs on his Bassett. Can only drill the holes to fit 14 Guage spokes. New holes will be tight but doable.

Any thoughts on which one you would pick?

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