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Nov 16, 2011
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Mechanicsburg Pa.
I didn't want to muddy up the voting booth by posting at the bottom, but there appears to be several links to finished threads that aren't working properly. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just user error on my part?
Good catch.
Steve @Rat Rod , the Finished thread links I sent you work, so something must have gotten lost when transferring that over to the vote thread.
Looks like these are broken
9. beastern 1970 sears spyder by heartlandcruisers
11. Bike with no name by idiotboy
14. Born Again Hawthorne by MazdaFlyer
17. Chop, Cut, Fat-Bottomed Girl by auditech10
30. Monster Cross Juncker Junker Klunker by us56456712
32. Old Manse Hawthorne by OddJob
33. Pinnochio-I'm a real boy now! by hammer mechanic
36. Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser by kingfish254

These all seemed to work for me?

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