Build off jigs(let's get jiggy) tunes we build too...

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Met my wife in '64, good year.
Well this has to be the tune for my build then...Unless you include The weenie song...
This one will get you jumping!
In all seriousness? Nothing. Nothing but the sound of the neighbor's lawnmower and my power-drill. If it's evening, add the sound of crickets and the Florida-sized spiders taking down a housecat and eating it. Just that and my thoughts.
If the voices allow the time and space, it's whatever is next on the playlist. I think the last song I listened to while working on Olds Cool was this:

And you can thank me later when "Hey, hooo. Hey, hooo" is stuck in your head.....;)
Just check my build off thread. I think I stuck "shop music" videos in all of them.
But heres todays:

That will make more sense when I make a build video when I get a chance.

motorbilly-- heck Ina hotrod

MOLLY GENE "the one whoaman band KICKS ...!!


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