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Apr 14, 2011
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Welland, Ontario, Canada
I could not think of a cool name so I just threw something out there. Something simple just like the bike that is being built. The bike is for me just to go pick up things local instead of using the car. This will be the first time entering a build off bike. I will be doing this on the cheap..... no or little money if possible.The bike was given to me for free. The parts are extra from other bikes. This should be fun.

Miele road bike, 12 spd, 27 inch rims
Old steel fenders.

Not sure what bars to choose. I might build a set.

Looking forward to seeing what type of Brew Basket you add to this diamond frame.
Good luck.
Well did a little work today. Gave it a quick bath and started to mock up the fenders and see what bars I like. I ended up with the flat bar and the road stem. Flipped the shifters to the top of the stem. Got to make a few brackets for the fenders to make them sit closer to the wheel. Also going to make up a rear rack to carry stuff. So far so good.
Here is what I got

New shifter location

Rear fender

From behind
Love it! Those fenders look like 28" CCM maybe? I would be interested to see what it looks like with the front tilted back some too, which is not to say it doesn't look stellar now. It does! Also I had never thought about shifters mounted that way, that's awesome.
Not to many road bikes for the build off this year so far. And yes the fender is from a ccm 28" and it will be mounted that low. I wish I had another one to mount to the front. Skip ton has a yellow bike that I like. Full sweeper fenders.
Yeah low fenders like that do look cool. Just be careful when coming off a sidewalk. Trust me, I know. :mrgreen: Maybe if you could find another one to extend it so you cover the entire wheel. It would look even better but I see where you are going with this.
Light weight sub build off..... mmmm. Cool.

Well I got the fenders mounted and fitted this weekend. Took it out for a test ride up the street to see how things worked out and things went well. No rubbing, and nothing fell off! LOL... Now I just have to find a rear rack or make one.
Here are a few picture of what I have done. Not to much but it is a start.

Glad to see another first timer. I'm new to the RRB site and this is my first build too.

I'm really diggin the way you mounted the shifters to the handlebars... really cool look!
Not to much has happened. Really busy with other things and another bike build for some one. Will post pictures on that with another build. I decided to build a rear rack for the bike. The other day i had to go over to my mothers house to clean up what is left over from when I moved out years ago. To my surprise there was a few pieces of aluminum there from other projects. Here is what I came up with.
One inch flat bar, a piece of aluminum "c" stock (or what ever you call it), and the template I made of the rack

The template of the rack on the bike.

Bending the aluminum flat stock to shape

How it came out. I was lucky that on the last bend, the template broke.

i will finish it tomorrow. I need to get a few nuts and bolts to finish it up.
Lol..... Time, I don't have to much now a days. Busy with work, not to much time to work on the bike to much. I guess I have to say I am out for this one. I will be still be trying to finish it when I got some free time. Also I think you got me beat on the build off..... Lol. Great looking bike you built.