Chain offset after spreading stays

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Mar 30, 2012
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Seattle, WA
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Please excuse and point me in the right direction to find this information. I'm looking to spread the frame on my 1966 Schwinn lightweight to accommodate a modern 3 speed hub. Should I even try this or will the back hub to the crank sprocket be too far off and cause chain alignment problems? I measured and it looks like there will be 3/8" difference between the two.
If you're needing to widen the frame dropouts, then your frame must have come new as a single or 3 speed, not a 5 or ten speed. If you have a hub like a nexus 3 speed it can be a lot wider. The cog to chain wheel alignment can be checked once you have the wheel set in the frame.
You will need to widen the frame and adjust the dropouts to fit flush with the new hub.
There's a thread here about that: