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Oct 5, 2009
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Hey i remember reading something on here about chain sizes and why the chain on a bike wasn't working my question is i have a Heavy Duty 26 x 2.125 set of wheels, rear cruiser break and the original '63 chain ring that i will be using. i have the original chain the 63 schwinn came with but i am unsure if the chain will work with the rear cruiser brake, and what size it is. any help on ID'ing the size of the chain that i have. and also if it will be the one i can use or should i get a new one thats a different size? thanks
ps the schwinn was a sturmy archer 3 speed before i converted it to the cruiser 1 speed style...thanks!
thanks markm, i havent yet received the wheels, which is why i asked. im gonna throw it all together the minute i rip open the box. id hate for the only problem of me not being able to ride it is that the chain doesnt fit. thanks!
If it has a different size sprocket, it could end up too short or long, and you may or may not be able to swap the old one on there. If not, a chain tool is cheap and easy to use, your chain size is known as 1/8"x1/2". :wink:
yeah im hoping the sprocket size is the same...i ordered the wheels off of they dont give good sized pictures, so i guess we'll see once the arrive. my LBS is great with kustom type bikes and the help there is awesome. i know i can make a quick trip up there and get the tool and new chain if it doesn't work. i was thinking it was the 1/8'' x 1/2'' but wasn't positive. thanks for the assurance deorman