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Oh wow, congratulations man! No wonder we hadn't seen any updates; you had your hands full!
The headlight looks good on there. Are you painting the chain guard to match, or do you have something else in mind?
Thanks, it has been busy. Plans for the chainguard are to strip it to bare metal and then clear coat. I think I might put an earlier reverse decal on it too. It’s not correct, but I always thought that decal was really cool looking.
Still chipping away at this bike. I got the chainguard stripped and clear coated. Then last night I put on the decal. I left the inside of the guard the blue color because I thought it look kind of cool and I didn’t want to sand all the old paint off. Hope to get this mounted and the kickstand on this weekend.
I think that I’m done with this build. I got the kickstand and chain on it. Still needs a bit of tuning, but it’s rideable. Need to get a half link and some washers because there is an occasional rub. That 20x3 fits but it’s super tight. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out and will get some final pictures this weekend.

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