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  1. Happy birthday
  2. I wanna know what that thing weighs
1. Thank you very much,
2. Havnt weighed it yet but feels around twice as heavy, but taking the seat post out dropped about a pound and a half

Less than if it had a seatpost. Great birthday gift to yourself, Wizdohm. Cool to see your dreambike coming to life
Thank you MattiThundrrr, it’s been making me feel like a little kid again. I’ve been waking up like I gotta get more done like when I was a kid and would get a new lego set or something🤣

It was hard to see where this was going in the beginning. Now . . . I'm. Impressed. It seems this is a great execution of your plan.
It was a weird start for sure, and very twisted and pitted, almost disouraged me from going this route but I told myself to just keep going so thank you! Now I’m here, painting today I ended up just having fun last night hanging out with my buddy and my wife and my buddies baby. Now today I still got the day off so I’m getting more done.
Bike got some paint going to get another can I ran out after doing 95% of it this copper color😂
its been a while ive had quite alot going on in life from losing two jobs and finding other jobs, also finding out my lady is pregnant with my first baby. im having a boy!! i have had very little time to work on my bikes but i got some wheels and bent the heck outta the front fork. thinking about going a little more on the fork. made a cofin seet but its uncomfortable as heck so its gunna get a bannanna seat for sure.
so been sitting thinking on it and was kinda wondering on what way yall think i should go with this, what do you guys see with the frame. ive got my ideas but i kinda think a community project would be cool, if not this build i have a 1950 firestone speed cruiser frame we can all use to shoot ideas on and i can run them out and see where it goes, im more about the community than anything else! hope you all are doing the best you can!

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