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I picked this up from a dump here in the Philippines. From a dump in a third world country
Beautiful work! How often do you find bike parts in a dump? Is it that fruitful that you frequent them or did you spot this sticking out of a pile like a sword in a stone? Is it a large dump spanning acres? I admire your drive.. and also wonder just how mad you might be @Wildcat.
I don't think I've ever seen a disc brake on that kind of springer. I'll be taking it for a ride sometime soon, hopefully this weekend and see how it holds up.
Beautiful work! How often do you find bike parts a dump? Is it that fruitful that you frequent them or did you spot this sticking out of a pile like a sword in a stone? Is it a large dump spanning acres? I admire your drive.. and also wonder just how mad you might be.
A bike shop went out of business when the elder family member passed on. As usual the family fought over money and it folded. All the new unsold frames were sent to the junkshop where they were for years until I showed up. Junk shops don't send anything out, everything is reused. This shop had stuff from WW2. Most of the frames were from the late 80's, never sold but I remember seeing them hanging up there at the shop and figuring how much to make a bike from one of them. Way too much more than a new bike, so they never sold. I saw the chrome one and got it. The guys at the shop were happy that they got 5 bucks for a frame and took me up stairs to more junk packed away. They had all the frames from that shop and dug them out for me. I think I got six or seven frames. I should have gotten all of them. They are all complete bikes now, hanging up in my shop. I went back a year later to get more but there weren't any except one old used frame. It's a complete bike also. Here's some of them:
01 Feb 23 1.jpg

4 Sep done.jpg

chainwheel 44.jpg
Ah, when you said dump I imagined you traversing mountains with a staff like Gandolf in galoshes. Frames tied to your back. That bamboo finish is sweet. Did you create that effect? How many pesos did that flock of frames cost you in the Philippines?
That was last years build off bike with the fake bamboo paint I finally got looking right.
The frames were 250 pesos each, about 5 bucks each. One guy said they should have asked for more. Most of what I find scrounging around now are the crappy old mountain bike frames that I can't use. I'm still hoping for some 50's US made cruiser frames.
I put a 32 chainwheel on and with a 22 cog have a easy cruising gear and a super low gear. Perfect for an old guy. I went for a ride this morning.

25 Apr 23 ride.jpg
This latest version is the best yet. I did some offroad with it. The only downside to the auto 2 speed is that it is centrifically operated. When I hit a good bump it will shift to high gear then I have to let off momentarily to let it drop back into low. Otherwise it shifts at about 12mph as it should. Overall it's good for all kinds of riding.

I took some weight off by going to a freewheel. The 2 speed auto is nice but heavy and I really only need one gear.
Instead of taking a link out of the chain, I used a tensioner. 39 Chainwheel with an 18 cog. I also smoothed out the ride with the whitewalls. Wheels with black, gold, and blue spokes from an earlier build.

13 Mar 2024 b.jpg
I can't leave anything alone. I shaved off more weight by removing the brakes and going with a coaster hub. It's a cheap chinese hub but all I can find here. I cleaned it up even though it was new and polished all the surfaces trying to get it smooth. The inside of the drum had a lip! It growled when rolling, but is good now, no sound and smooth brakes. That and the skinny slick tires with alloy rims I just laced up really lightened it up. Then I changed out the bars and stem for the lighter set I used on the 1901 mixte. It adds a classic look I think. Clean and no cables. Only the rims cranks and front hub are alloy, everything else is steel and it weighs 27 lbs. I took it for a ride this morning and it's great. I added a chainwheel (with 47 teeth, 18 cog) to get the gear ratio up and it works well because of the lighter weight of the whole bike.
24 Mar 24 g.jpg
Another upgrade already! I laced up a pair of 700c (29) rims to my S2c hub and got a front hub to match, They are 32 hole hubs so I had to order the rims, and got the cheapest set for around 18 dollars. They look pretty strong and I laced them up 3 cross.
27 Mar 24 d.jpg

They have a half inch of clearance in the frame and fork. I have a crankset ordered also and should be testing it out this week.

27 Mar 24 a.jpg
The gold spokes I ordered finally showed up, so I relaced the wheels. I can't get them trued until next week, with the long holiday, traffic is backed up for days and everything may be closed.

29 Mar 24.jpg

I added the crankset and pedals, along with an alloy set of uprights I forgot I had.

29 Mar 24 b.jpg
I got the kickback hub rolling and shifting smoothly. It took a few tries to get it just right on the cones. I also got a new stem and handlebars with a little more rise. The bike is a lot bigger.
I was hoping for a good 5 mile ride but it turned into 5 minutes as my rear tire went flat. I think the tubes from the bike shop were old. I ordered some good ones via the internet as there's nowhere else to get parts here.

06 Apr 2024 ride at SBMA.jpg
I liked the 700 wheels and 2 speed, but they made the bike a little too tall, and I want to use that wheelset on a future build, so I went back to 26" wheels.
22 Jun 24 b.jpg

I have a new 3 speed cluster I've been wanting to try. It has 16, 19, and 22 teeth cogs, and combined with a 52 tooth chainwheel will give a high gear good for downhills and a low gear good for cruising.

I'm also going with a locking drum brake I recently bought. The derailleur is a 80's suntour that needs new pulleys. I haven't been able to find the right size yet, but it still works.
22 Jun 24 a.jpg

I called it quits at 11am, too hot. I just stuck the handlebars in for now. I still need to attach the brake cables and shift cable along with the chain.
22 Jun 24 c.jpg
I took it out for a ride. It rained last night so it's a steam bath out here.
24 Jun f.jpg

The gears work fine, just a little noise from the worn pulleys. 3 speeds will work fine, I had to add a washer to the axle to clear the dropout.
24 Jun a.jpg

I changed the handlebars and chain wheel. I went from 52 teeth to 47 to bring the gear ratio down a little. Brakes are excellent and it's just the right size for me.
24 Jun i.jpg

The part hanging behind the rear brake is the lock.
24 Jun b.jpg