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Sep 11, 2011
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I got a 1983 mongoose that has some slight rust. and what is the best way to clean up rust off chrome shine it up
For really light rust, chrome polish and a rag is best, use a toothbrush in tight spots or in spots were rust is a little worse. Wax it afterwards.
Step 1- apply WD40 to a clean toothbrush and rub it on the rust Step-2 Let the WD40 soak in for 15 min, then wipe it off with an old cotton under shirt. Step 3- apply Weiman Metal Polish with a toothbrush. This polish is sold in grocery stores,next to the silver polish. Let it marinade for 15 to 30 min. Brush it off with a clean toothbrush. If you have to go more abrasive to get some stubborn rust off,use a soft brass wire brush that looks like a toothbrush,and Weiman Metal Polish. This polish will prevent rust too. If you have rim brakes,use a solvent to remove the polish from the brake contact area on the sides of the rim.
I learned this one here awhile back, use ceramic or glass stove top cleaner. This is cheap at Walmart or a grocery store. Use some cheap green scub pads from the dollar store. Finish it off with a light layer of WD40. I have been really happy with the results. It works really well. Leo
I love me some #0000 steel wool with WD-40 if the rust is a little heavier, or chrome polish if it's light. But if it is really light, then just a buffing pad with chrome polish (I like mother's).
For light rust (peppering), stick to a soft rag and chrome polish. I've used TurtleWax brand but I think Noxon 7 is Better. NEVER use anything abrasive. For more stubborn rust, I use a vinegar soak and a soft rag or toothbrush. I've seen good result from Citric Acid but haven't used it myself. Rust will release from the non-rusted metal pretty easily with the right liquid solution so, no need take a chance of marring the finish. I've seen good result from using really fine steel wool but be careful, too much elbow grease and the chrome will look cloudy.
Steelwool scratches chrome... it's a fact. :( A lot of people will argue it on various grounds. I have a freshly replated part and I tested it myself this past weekend: I rubbed on the brand new plating with a piece of new unused steel wool and nothing else. Upon inspection of the rubbed area, there are now visible swirl like marks that are not present on the unrubbed areas. They are small, they are subtle, they are hard to see - but they are there. :shock: