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Sep 13, 2007
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Northeast Alabama
Here is my entry into the RR kids build off. This is the frame I'll be using.


I don't have all the parts, but I think I've got enough to get it in the neighborhood of what I want to do with it. Thanks!!!
Progress so far. Basic black.


Got some paint on it. Just some Rusto black. The frame has a few dents, but considering what it's been through for the last fifty three years, it's not too bad. It's actually older than I am. I also discovered something interesting. ej599's Bens Fifty Five and this bike were built a few days apart and were probably at the factory the same time. This serial # is S03XXX. Bens Fifty Five is a way better looking than this one will ever be and they've done a great job on it. I thought that was kinda interesting. Thanks!!!

Looks like they might have been painted the same red with whit graphics color scheme also. Man how cool is that!! To have a 20" '55 in a build is cool. To have 2 20" '55s in a build is real cool. But this... 8) 8) 8) I can't wait to see it! Later bro.
Been working a lot lately, but finally got my wheels done.


These are heavy duty 20" wheels. They use .125" spokes. The only rear hub drilled with .130" holes that I had was a New Departure model D. Lucky this one had a new set of brake disks and bearings and the hub shell originally came on a Whizzer. The tires are were made by Carlilse, and have the trials pattern tread. Thanks!!!
That old school bmx look brings back memories. One tough looking bike.
More progress.


Here is the Clunker 20" with the seat and handlebars. We probably built and sold 8-10 bikes similar to this one that was converted for pedalcross duty. I know it was used in several races from 1971 - 1973. The seat is a Pearsons and is an original that we used. The handlebars are not correct as these have a 10" drop. They were as close as I had. The ones we originally used and sold were Wald #870 with a 9" drop. We did a lot of conversions on customers bikes also and sold a bunch of wheels and tires like these. Pedalcross in those days near us grew out of the pit area at local MX events. Many riders who raced their Bultaco's, Maico's, Hodaka's and Kawasaki Green Streaks brought their kids to the races and the kids rode bikes around the pit area while the parents did their racing. Once all the MX racing was finished for the day, anyone that wanted to pedal around the track was welcome. Some of those pedalcross races were the highlight of that days racing. I was too old by then to ride pedalcross, I was already motorized with a Hodaka 90. It was a sweet little niche for us for a while until the formatted frames began appearing and that changed the sport forever. Thanks!!!
Final pics.


I had to be away from the computer last week and if I missed the deadline thats OK!!! I also had technical difficulties over the weekend. There were lots of RR Kid Buidoff Bikes more worthy of your votes than mine. As always it was a lot of fun. You guys did some great bikes.!!!


While I was at it, I tuned up my sons old Sting Ray. This was a bike that I fixed up for him when he was six years old (1995). Again, thanks to Steve for making this site possible. Thanks!!!

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