SWB0 CobblestoneRat - Done, but still getting little upgrades... ;-)

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So: Go, DHL, Go!!!!
Hopefully they send the fast car
Another small but important update. Today I took care of brake, shifter and light cables. Like this the only thing that's left for tomorrow is lacing and trueing the wheels...
Brakes are operational, shifter should be when I'm done with the wheels tomorrow.
Lights don't work, I must have messed up something, but as I intend to use battery operated clip on lights most of the time, this has a very low priority and isn't needed for the final pics...
First I took care of the shifter cable. Had to tweak this part a bit, as it normally goes on either one of the main tubes, but I decide to have it on the chain stay. I kept the original size, just drilled an extra hole, you never know...

Ready to be hooked up

Cockpit looks nice and tidy

Rear brakes are all done

And front as well
That was a busy fast paced afternoon... 🥵
After I finally got my spokes delivered I headed out to the campground to set up my workshop there.

First I went a lacing the spokes.

It took me about half an hour to get both wheels done (made one mistake that got me puzzled later when truing)

Another one and a half hour later both wheels were done. Not perfect, but good enough for me for now.

And back

With the wheels done I could finally put all together and go for a quick ride.
Let's put it like this: It's a new experience of a ride for me and it will get time to get used to it but it rides fine. Shifting, saddle and handlebar needs some fine-tuning but so far so good.
Last item for today was the chainguard. This took some ratrodding but with the good old holy band I got it done.


Then it was time to load the bike back on the car and meet up with rest of the family to enjoy a local Easter bonfire

Tomorrow I'll try to get some decent pictures to post up in the finished section...
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On my way back home I just had to stop here and take a picture. It was occupied on the way out, so I somehow missed this almost perfectly ratty spot for the CobblestoneRat...

After all the rush to get this one into the finished section, it's time now to do some refinements.
Today I upgraded the flagpole. The first one was just an extendable broomstick I got very cheap (less than 3.-€) it was good to proof the concept was doable, but when I tried to ride with the large swiss flag I realized that the turbulences behind my body didn't let it "fly". It just needed to get higher up.
So I hit my favorite outdoor store today and bought a slim and long extendable tarp (or tent) pole for around 25.- € and some more hardware that fitted the different smaller diameter.
Here's a short clip were I'm riding with the flag

Here's the new pole fully extended:

and the attachment points:


And here's the pole pushed back together and tilted forward to ride without flag.

This system could easily be adapted to other bikes (I'll maybe try it on my Wolverine in the future)
And I got a bit creative this evening.
First I made these:

And as the material was already out, I cut it up some more...

...and ended up with this:

It will all go on the bike tomorrow.
That blank spot next to the participants sticker was filled today.

I think the rear fender locks good now

But this sticker I got today is just perfect!

I spent today at the yearly VELO bicycle fair at the Tempelhof airfield. That's were I got these stickers (and many more). I'll post a larger, picture heavy post about this weekend tomorrow after my second day on the fair in the "What have you been riding lately" thread.
Here some pictures I took on the airfield



And here's a new walk-around video
Hey Swissguy, sorry for hijacking your thread. You took your last pictures at a very special place and i want to show some photos to our friends: the Tempelhofer Feld, the large disused airport in the middle of Berlin, where the airplanes of the allies landed and took off during the Berlin Airlift. And also dropped chocolate on small parachutes for the Berlin children. This was the idea of US pilot Gail Halvorsen, who has made a place for himself in the hearts of all Berliners...
Today a huge open field for sports and culture and for coming together. I really adore this place. Anyone who ever visits Berlin has to see this field for themselves.








The "Candy Bombers":




RIP Gail Halvorsen 1920 - 2022

The last few weeks I used the CobblestoneRat quite a lot: Protest rides and my regular commute, but also for a few days of exraordinary commuting to the center of Berlin (15 km one way) for works council seminars. Today on the last 100 meters before reaching my home, there was all of a sudden a loud rattling noise....

The fender tab I had created to make the rear sweeper fender had snapped off...

The uneven (cobblestone) roads and bumpy bike paths of Berlin had taken their toll...
Thankfully a long weekend is ahead to take care of the necessary repair and as a member of the n+1 bicycle club I have a few spare bikes ready...
Today I took my time to repair the fender.
First I searched through my IKEA leftovers and found this part and cut it apart.

A little bending

And some drilling and filing later, the fender joint was better than before...