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Apr 28, 2020
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1986 Nuovo Mexico, 2nd generation (first gen. ridden by Beppe Saronni '82 Worlds)
Columbus "Profil" tubing 2 "groove" top tube, 4 "groove" down tube.
Campy Dropouts
Campy Super Record: Front/Rear derailleurs, Crankset (54/42), BB, and Headset
Campy Superleggera Pedals
Campy Record: Hubs, Seat Post (single bolt)
Campy "C" Record Brake Levers (aero set-up
Campy Cobalto Brake Calipers w/Campy sintered pads
Campy Victory Shift Levers
Campy Binder Bolt
Christophe Toes Cages and Straps
San Marco Regal Girardi Saddle (w/"scales" pattern)
Cinelli: 1R Stem, Giro d'Italia Bar
Silva Bar wrap (diamond pattern)
Regina: Extra Oro Freewheel (13,14,15,17,19,21), Oro Chain
F.i.R. Siriurs Rims (tubs)
Vittoria Tires (tubs 28"x 23 mm)
Elite Bottle Cage (have Campy '80s aero bottle/cage not mounted)

















Ride fast, be Safe,
The crisscross fade is spectacular! The fork is gorgeous. Your bike is razor sharp.
Edit. I keep going back and finding more, love the club details, especially the brake mount. Perfecto!
Thank you folks for all the compliments! I still need to add the aero bottle/cage to it, but that's it.
Now on to the next project on the list: mid to late '70s Berardi, a favorite frame getting a parts upgrade.
I will post the Berardi on a separate thread; as I doubt that there is a dedicated Berardi thread already in place. As far as the brakes go: 1) I did not spend hundreds of dollars on them (I've spent more on other brakes though; and not Campy); 2) they work fine FOR ME, but I only weigh 140 lbs wet and I have no problem setting them up for my riding style and terrain/conditions (there are some methods I use to improve performance [it's only my safety I have to worry about], also I have multiple generations of that style); 3) unless you have first hand experience with the performance of a frame and/or component under YOUR preferred riding style/conditions you should hold back on commenting (e.g. I don't ride mtb's with any suspension so how can I possibly critique them until I ride them; that's just me and the way I think); 4) I do build bikes for myself and others wanting specific features, sometimes that may come with a loss of function/performance when building a proper period build (could be that the rims aren't going to the "best", etc...); and 5) was there any mention that those brakes were going to be used on that frame, please don't jump to conclusions and/or make assumptions about that which you are not privy to. (@MattiThundrrr just to clarify Matti, I had those on that frame for testing, but they are not period correct which is where I'm going with that build; the "deltas" are going to be installed on an 80s frame yet to be revealed on this site)
I try to make comments about that which I know, and ask for information from those knowledgeable about that which I don't know. Saying that, I do appreciate the compliments and any feedback concerning what I do. I'm "thick-skinned" seemingly literally and figuratively so lay it on; but it serves no purpose for others who are trying to gain insight or pure enjoyment from a post. Example: I posted photos of one of my main racers which happened to show it in grass about 8"-10" tall, not even close to the hubs (during a ride while I was taking a breather); and although the bike and it's features could be readily seen (multiple photos showing details), there were a couple folks who went back and forth multiple times about THE GRASS and "Where is the bike"/"Probably a nice bike if I could see it", etc., etc... I made a non-derisive remark without using any rude language and got banned from that site (forever!) when in fact it should have been the "fools" getting banned who had nothing better to do but be somewhat derogatory. (Note: I'd mention the site and its own hypocrisy, but that is frowned upon; just hope no one ends up there! I pulled the photos, but the post is still there, I couldn't delete it; now they can comment all they want about "not seeing the bike!)
I am perfectly happy not posting at all and merely using this as an informal research site, but I think that would be a disservice to the cycling community in general as I have a few things under my hat that may be of value to others for whatever the reason.
bell stratos.jpg

Just in case my skin isn't thick enough!
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I wish that helmet wasn't in the would probably be a nice bike if I could see it! :blush:

Seriously, cool bike. This is a really chill site that, for the most part, lacks all the drama and politics of other bike enthusiast sites I could name. It is best to assume that if something sounds overly critical, or opinionated, rude, dismissive, probably wasn't meant that way.

Looking forward to your next posted work of art :113:!
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I just wanted to see the brakes. I thought they looked unusual, wanted to know what was up. I ain't going to judge you, please don't lump me in with the nattering nabobs of negativism. I'm a guy who likes bikes, that's all

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