Completed: 77 Schwinn High-Rider

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Jan 24, 2023
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Having not expected to journal this I didn't take pictures till it was taking shape. I've stripped down a 1977 Schwinn Collegiate II, (parts still visible behind). I've yet to sand the rust, (visible on the crankset). I'm deciding which tires to go with and I'm upholstering a new seat as I write. I'll be attempting to incorporate a hinged rear on that steel sissy-bar to accommodate the post spring in an attempt to curtail the cracking of my parts. While the maneuverability of this design summons me to ride grassy knolls, dirt trails, bunny hop curbs and basically abuse it, I pay for it in steel on a regular basis.
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Banana Seat wrapped.

I bought a fancy threaded rod to spec and some long sleeve nuts so that the rear would hinge without touching threads and placed a pair of washers between each bar to vinyl contact to avoid ripping but that cheap "low-rider" spring up front wouldn't support a child's weight. I forced it down and tightened it for now. Looks nice but I was hoping these things actually worked as the manufacturer intended. I'm considering ways to repurpose an old schwinn seat spring.

I went with a metal flake Plexi bottom.
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Rust removed and ready for action. My favorite part of this build was the smallest, the center pull brakes which I was nervous may not be as solid as modern design. It's probably all in my head with the new pads, housing and lube but it feels more responsive than the dual pivots I've been using. In any case I enjoyed saving every part I could. I was even bummed to find that spoke reflectors I popped off couldn't be re-attached once discovering the lame options for replacement colors.

I put a 16/18T and a 17T freewheel on either side of a flip-flop, kept the extra sprocket and plate even though they account for a fifth of a bike that weighs a quarter, I like the look. I always chuck the kickstand because they're super heavy and I never leave this untended. It's technically a three speed but not without 30 seconds in the pit.. and though I'll rarely switch it, all those cogs add to the mystique of my single speed.

Tannus solid tires have eliminated my need for a ridiculous fanny pack full of nonsense, not to mention saved me a boatload of tube money and time spent frustrated on the side of the road. I went so far as to paint the front nuts knowing they'll never move. They outlast my rims. I swear by them. This completes my first ground up resto-mod. I got my next project in the can awaiting editing. Expect color!
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