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Oct 5, 2009
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I have a one piece crankset off of a schwinn cruiser and the handlebars as well...they have quite a bit of rust on them, and it looks to be pitted in some areas. i tried a fine steel wool but it didn't do too much, i tried sandpaper by hand and that took off some of the surface next option is to use a wire wheel to get it, however i'm afraid i might scratch the pieces too badly. I don't want to take them in to get blasted and re-chromed ($$$) so is there any product or method i can use to get these back to original status or close enough to it?? sorry if this is a repost to a similar topic, any help would be great! THANKS

ride on rats
If you use a wire wheel use a brass one.

There is a post in here about rust removal though. I've not used the method but many swear by this "wood bleaching" chemical. Soak over night and done.
Try coarse steel wool with any liquid, Fantastik, simple green, etc. spray the bars and scrub away, you will not damage it further than it is, a wire brush is fine on the rougher spots
Ill have to look into the wood bleaching you know who makes it? Ill do some research at Ace or Home far as the simple green and steel wool, ill give that a shot definitely when i get home and let ya know how it went! thanks guys!

8) ride on rats
Light rust comes off with vinegar or lemon juice using a bit of wadded up aluminum foil to scrub with. This won't scratch the chrome. This is best for that light dusting sort of rust.

Heavier rust gets the heavier acids. Oxalic acid or wood bleach can be had at paint stores and works well. Soak for minutes or hours depending on how bad the rust is and how strong the concentration. Hydrochloric or Muriatic acid also works but needs diluted and watched closely.
I've heard the same thing about the wood bleach. I was at Home Depot recently, and was looking at their Behr Wooden Deck Cleaner. It contains oxalic acid, which removes rust from metal. I haven't tried it, because I'm not sure what percentage of oxalic acid would be ideal. I've also used 0000 steel wool with WD40 or Turtle Wax Chrome Polish. Takes some scrubbing, but offers decent results.