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Apr 30, 2018
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Lake Macquarie, Australia
Took a while, but I worked out that this 20” trike was eligible for the WBO. So with a stuttered start...

Purchased a while back with the intention of getting it running and potentially using it as a shopping cart. Battery was no good and the front tyre was bald, but otherwise working and in good condition. Not much to do with it, but a bit of a build anyway.

Pic is as purchased. It was owned by a disabled bloke who rode it with electric assist, but has improved and bought a pedal only trike when the battery carked it.

Plan is: Replace the grips, convert back to two brake levers, build a new basket, replace the battery and perhaps a dusting of paint.
Reverted to a two brake lever set up. Flipped the mirrors so they didn’t stick up so high.

Got the whitewalls mounted. Will try to remove the logo from the rear tyres, I’m not keen on it for this one.

Got the tray mounted, new battery fitted to the tray and the rear light done.

Tray hinges down and is held up with a couple of ‘strings’ that hook over a screw on the side.

One more task to complete.
Refitted the mudguards. Was supposed to be a ghost flame effect, but got a bit heavy with the paint on the first one, so had to go full coat. Stands out a little better now though.


Also switched out the black saddle for a brown leather one to match the grips. Grips needed a trim down to fit around the throttle grip of course, needed to cut them down twice because I didn’t measure properly the first time


Done, except if I can find a chain guard and paint it in time.
I rode this down to the bus stop to pick up my son a few times. Even hauled him home in the tray.

Unfortunately it’s upside down in the garage and I’m trying to figure out how to change the rear axle bearings now. :mad: It was making an awful racket while riding which I thought was just the tray rattling, but it only happened when the drive wheel was spinning.

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