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Jan 2, 2021
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Just wanted to share what I’ve been working on and producing.

My own branded Wide 5 Rides OG front hub:

Same size as the Felt 5 Star hub, but better! Sealed bearings.

Also, a matching sprocket:

Next up is a double disc (Double D) front hub:

Now about to do a Limited Edition run on a 150mm flange hub (Big Guy):

Also made Shimano 3 Nexus adapters for 72h and 144h:

In the process of making adapters for Shimano Nexus 3 speed for 10g and 8g!

Also working on a coaster brake hub and a bmx freewheel hub!

Exciting to learn about the process, actually produce these, and finally see them on bikes, sometimes even show winning bikes. Look at most custom bikes, absolutely killer rides, and you’ll frequently see a $10 hub on the front. I’m trying to change that to something super cool!
Thanks man. I do, but it’s in the early stages of working and not really ready. It’s:

I’ve just been through FB groups, forums, FB friends, eBay (gasp), etc to start and grow sorta grassroots.
Store looks good to me. With the quality stuff you're making it seems like you should do real well. :thumbsup: