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Custom Disc Cycletruck/cargo bike frameset

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Nov 13, 2010
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Sacramento, Ca
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Up for grabs is a custom filet braised cycle truck frameset made by Nick Riddle, a professor here in SF for the California College of the Arts for his industrial design class. The frameset does have a coating that is partially taken off. Can still see the welds through it. The frameset is fully braised. Uses a 20 in wheel the front and 26/700c in the rear. With disc tabs on both the fork and seat stay. Was built to run an internally geared rear hub but can also use a tensioner with a derailleur hanger on it that I will include with the frameset. All cables are internally routed. Frame originally had an integrated front platform that had some u locks that were broken and needed to be replaced so it was docked to mount a removable platform. The mounts are still incredibly strong and can hold more than 70 pounds without flexing. Would make an insanely cool custom cargo bike. Just build your own platform, mount it and you are good to go. Asking 350 plus shipping. PayPal preferred. Please feel free to ask any questions.


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