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May 2, 2011
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Another year has passed and another year I told myself I’d respectfully sit out the build off . This year was going to be because of lack of time . That being said I know I’ll be building a bike so I guess I’ll enter the bike I’m building . I’m down to two choices . I’ll just start off with this photo. That way I can decide when I’m ready to commit to a frame . Both choices have plenty of options on how and what to build . Here we go with the teaser photo. The title will likely change a little depending on witch frame I build . Happy building everyone .
One build I haven't done, and always wanted to. A 28" wheeled very early version of a touring bike. @tanksalot , this will be super cool!

Bring it on, RaT oN~!
I always look forward to a tanksalot build.
I decided on witch Iverson to build . Drum roll please .This Dragstripper frame was in the attic of a former bike shop since the mid 1970s it’s never been outdoors that I’m aware of and has had little to no use over the years judging by the original paint and the lack of use on the front tire . The bike is as found other than I removed some of the 45 years worth of dust off of it . Due to the missing parts this should be a good build off candidate . The frame was chosen because a few years ago I forgot to get the photos of my other Dragstripper RRB bike in by the deadline and was left wondering how it would have done. Guess it’s time to redeem my self. Top photos are this years entry and very bottom photo under the others is was the bike that never got voted on.
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The top bars are cool, can't say I've ever seen any like them. But, it's hard to beat a rams horn for cool factor!
Has anyone seen bars like these ? Are they missing a shield or cross bar of some kind? I’m considering using them for this build but I had another option that I may prefer.View attachment 192949View attachment 192950
I dig them. Wonder if they'd whistle in a headwind...

I've been on the lookout for a 26" mens Dragstripper since BigHit built that one, back in the day.