"Deluxe 6" Rat Racer build diary ALMOST DONE!!!!

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Oct 22, 2009
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Mesa, Arizona
I am really excited to start my first build-off bike. It will be called the Deluxe 6. I have had all kinds of ideas running through my head since last year and it's time to put them to use. This should be fun! Sorry about the pics but I am not too good with a camera... . . . . :|

I think this will be the frame I use....

Maybe I will throw this seat on for good measure....

I love this sprocket and have been waiting to use it on something cool....

Nice rusty set of 1940's wheels and tires...
Re: HHhhhmmmmmmm Whaddameyegonnacallit!?

Okay, nobody shoots pics that (waaaay too) close and out-of focus on purpose... great way to post a teaser!
Re: HHhhhmmmmmmm Whaddameyegonnacallit!?

I have started the mock up. Trying to find the rutiest, crustiest parts I can I will be using this frame I got from RRB member aasmitty757 . I believe he said it is a 1935 Monark 5 bar. Here it is with the crank and ring.....

Okay, this weird little nub sticking out has got to go!


Ahhhh, much better.


This 'ol girl was nice enough to donate her wheels for the project.


OOPS I forgot to take pics again. I am really not good at taking pics during my builds. I get tunnel vision and before you know it several hours have passed and the work almost done. Maybe this Build-Off will teach me better photo habits :lol:
So anyway, here is the fork I got from RRB member grinch and I had just cut it down to fit. I am playing with the front mount but will probably build one that fits better...

Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

2 5bar frames in the build off- Way Cool.

Cutting off the seat tube really enhanced the curve off the top bars.
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

...., I was hoping you werent going to enter the build off :) j/k I always love your builds and looking forward to this one too.
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

I was kind of liking the cell phone sketchy craigs list type photos. Great looking bike so far.

I like that storage set up, i wonder if my wife would mind if I emptied her flat files of all her prints and printmaking supplies....
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

skillsthebarber said:
dang, I was hoping you werent going to enter the build off :) j/k I always love your builds and looking forward to this one too.
Awe shucks.... :oops:

kram said:
Cool, I'm excited to see another 5 bar frame! So it sounds like you are going for sort of a ratty build? I've liked all the builds you have done so far and most of them were super clean. So it will be cool to see what you do with this one.
Yes Rusty and ratty but clean at the same time :shock: Thats the plan. We will see how it comes out.
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

now it is a tie for most rare frame used in the build off. but i think you win because you whacked it already. good luck
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

Got done with the mock up today. went with a different fork. Chopped up some bars. Wire brushed the whole dang thing (forgot how fun that is). Applying finish and finishing touches hopefully this weekend. Pics coming. This whole taking pics during a build is very awkward for me. I get tunnel vision of what I am doing and before you know it 4 hours has gone by. Anyway it's coming together nicely and I am excited to get it out for a ride.
Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

Well I have been hard at it. Got the frame stripped and re-rusted. A lot of work to end up with a really rusty frame but it's a rat and it needs rust! I am in a race against time as I have knee surgery scheduled June 2nd. Doc says I will be down for 2 months although he says I could be walking with help from crutches in less than half that time. It's a bummer but I am looking forward to getting my knee back in working condition. At least I will be out of commission for the hot season here in the desert. I have a feeling I might still be putting this thing together in a wheel chair but I really, really want to ride it as soon as it is done.



















Re: a 5-bar Build-Off.....

skillsthebarber said:
dang, I was hoping you werent going to enter the build off :) j/k I always love your builds and looking forward to this one too.

Thanks man, I will try not to disappoint!