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Also, I’m pretty much done. Anything else would be tinkering. I don’t really how to post a finished build. If I understand right there needs to be a “completed” thread. Do I simply start a new one in the Build section? And do I need to do anything special to indicate it’s my completed project? I can’t be the first to finish can I? Am I simply not seeing the other finished threads?

Our fearless leader @Rat Rod will setup separate sub forums just for finished bikes. You'll start a thread in there, label it the same as your build thread, post pictures and a brief recap of your build. Whatever photo you post first should be your one you want used for voting because that's what we'll grab
Sweet, thanks! I just need to go take a perfect picture now :rolleyes:
I reeeaally don't want to post first. But if no one has posted by the weekend I'll do it since I basically forced the point.
It's called being a trail blazer

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