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Nov 24, 2012
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The Tropics of Alabama
With only five weeks left, I'm considering switching horses. :cry:

It's possible that I could make the finish line with my first entry, but not likely due to a sculpting commission that will be taking my time along with other work. There's just not enough hours left for the amount of work left to do on my build.

However, I have looked at my parts and think that I can build a more realistic bike (probably more of what a rat build should be) in the remaining time! :D

So, now I'm wondering how to move the MotoBike into the regular builds section so that I can continue to show the progress (I will still finish it) and start a new build-off thread. It would be confusing to change bikes in the thread that is already established for the Yamaha.

Maybe I should just start a new thread and leave the first one as is? But I don't want it to get locked at the end of the Build-off and have to start it again.

The moderators can just move it to the build section right?

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