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Sep 8, 2010
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St. Mary's County Maryland
I got bit by the "Boardwalk Cruiser" bug less than a year ago, but even before that, I was telling myself that I needed to get back into riding for my general overall health. I have been enjoying riding and showing off my old Rollfast as much as I can. There are a few team mates at work that ride a 10 mile (or longer) lap around the facility where we work. I got my 1985 Raleigh only recently, but have joined my co-workers for a lap around the Navy base where we work. This is not "team riding", just a 10 mile jaunt...non competitive...not a race. I'm enjoying this alot, and am curious as to who else might ride a road bike.


I know the BMX side is popular about road bikes?

For the record. I will never, Never, NEVER wear spandex!
ive been wanting a road bike but i ride my cruiser 10+ miles when we go out.....thats got to help with my health??? i figure its better than doing nothing. lol
i ride my friends fixie sometimes. it isnt to bad because he has normal pedals, not clips. theyre really fast! and not to much effort!
I rode skinny for years in college before mountain bikes took hold, mostly cause they were cheap or free and I didnt wanna leave my American in the bike rack.. was constantly buying bikes for new wheelsets as they don't do curbs well. :roll:

now my skinny is a 71 racer with a 2-speed.. :lol:

55ColumbiaBuilt said:
...and for what it's worth. I have not heard one negative comment about my "old school" 26+ year old bike. On the contrary, they look at my Raleigh like the old classic that it is. I hear "WOW" more than anything else.
I go back and forth between a '65 Schwinn Racer and my "new" roadie an orange '74 Schwinn Continental. It's amazing how many times I get stopped while riding in the park with people telling me they had one just like it.
It's really fast too for a heavy Schwinn.
Ive been doin the same lately, keep saying I got to go and ride more for my health its not logical for me to ride to work since it varies from 10 miles to 100 and I always have to pack 2-500 pounds of tools with me :roll: , I got a 58 schwinn racer I was going to fix up for street duty but its hilly here and a single or 3 spd doesnt work to well as I found out with my cruisers and choppers. I recently picked up a BRC roadrace303 its a 12 spd with 27'ers got it for $5 put some new rubbers on her and swapped out the bars for mtn bars something about roadbike bars I cant stand and im with ya about the tights! lol. just got back from its mainden voyage feels good just gotta go out and use it! weathers gettin nicer!
I have an Airborne Zepplin that I will ride for my long weekend rides.
Sure do! I'm also riding an 80's Raleigh. Mine's a red Pursuit... I live out in the sticks, so a skinny is the only way to go for serious transportation. Here it is this past winter in Kentucky:

Right now she's lightened up for nice weather... running no fenders, baskets or racks, plus a new high-flange front wheel.
I'm a roadie. "Modern" bikes, the oldest being a '90 Bridgestone RB-1, then a 2002 Trek OCLV Carbon (US Postal Service livery), and a 2009 Kestrel Evoke.
i have been riding different versions of this bike for three years.... i started tearing it down today to change it around again....




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