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Oct 6, 2008
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Haysville, Kansas
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I was gonna do a build thread but this one was a long term project and I forgot to take pics along the way.

This bike is a "what if".... meaning, what if the Dorky neighborhood kid wanted to build a klunker but all the cool kids snatched up the prewar Schwinn frames... lol

I tried to make it as close to something that actually might have been built back in the mid to late 70's, the frame is a 9/1962 Schwinn Traveler frame that I had to tweak just a bit for rear spacing, also welded on a derailer hanger, and some Cantilever brake mounts.

The wheels will be switched out as soon as I can get my set of Araya's built up. Parts list as follows...
TA triple crankset on a sealed Shimano bottom bracket, with a set of repop beartraps (one of these days I hope to get lucky and score an original set of Suntour XC2's) Suntour Cyclone derailer set, Solid aluminum seatpost, Campy seatpost clamp, Dia-Compe cantilever brakes, NOS Dia-Compe brake levers, Suntour Mighty shifters, Tange headset, Ashtabula stamped stem, 1976 Schwinn bars, Hunt-Wilde black waffle grips, Brooks saddle.

I was lucky and scored a lot of the parts by finding them on eBay and putting them on my Christmas list :mrgreen:

I still have a couple of bugs to work out, fine tuning etc. but I think its gonna be a nice rider, doesn't seem overly heavy. and if I ever get tired of the frame... I do have a prewar Western Flyer frame I could press into use.






Hey thanks!

Im not sure what bike those forks originally came on? they were originally white and had a sticker on them that said "California"

And they didn't have the Canti-mounts, I welded those on. The steer tube was also too long, so I took it over to 65rat's house and borrowed his die.

Would like to find on OG Tange TX-1200.... Ill keep looking.
Thanks man, I got a lot of inspiration from Alan Bonds website... and Charlie Kelley's site... TONS of good info on both sites.

When I build up my Araya wheelset, I plan on using Suzue hubs. I see eBay is loaded with them, any ideas to help determine which ones would be correct for mid-late 70's? are they date coded? certain model # ? etc.
Really liking this bike. Like a Schwinn Sidewinder but with some more high performance parts.
Thanks Loco,

I found it at a garage sale across the street from me, so they are still out there. The bike was the easiest thing to acquire, the parts... not so easy.

Actually I have my eye on another Schwinn in town... its been sitting outside for the last couple of years... so maybe the owner is ready to sell?