SWB0 E=mc2 (relatively finished)

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Nov 24, 2012
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The Tropics of Alabama
Relative to most of my previous builds, this one will be very simple (which is the reason I decided to jump in).

The plan is to clean things up, service the moving parts, add a few missing parts, strap on the required 1.5" wide tires, and call it done. I have a couple of other builds that I'm working on for a client that are due around the same time that the build-off ends, so this one will be relegated to the spaces in between.

Depending on how quickly some of the parts can be rounded up, and how much available time I have to commit, it could be finished quickly or could drag out (relatively speaking). :wink1:
There's no reason to tear the bike down completely just to clean it. So when it came time to remove the crank yesterday, I really didn't want to pry the chainguard clamp open completely and risk scraping the paint. It has one of those single metal strap-type clamps that has to be bent backward to remove.

I ended up prying it open just enough to spin around so that I could clear the way for the crank to come out. To prevent it from scratching the paint on the downtube, I slid a piece of slick vinyl backing paper in the gap. Mission accomplished.

Here it is after cleaning the bearing cups.
Got all of the moving parts cleaned, packed with new grease, and reinstalled.

Here are most of the post-cleaning parts. The headset bearings and top race were also cleaned but was late for the photo shoot. :rolleyes:


This is by no means a @Chad T or @CRASH clean and polish job but will look just right with the rest of the 'less than perfect' bike.