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The Renaissance Man

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Nov 24, 2012
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The Tropics of Alabama
"In the intricate fabric of spatial dimensions, where the harmonious dance of matter and metrics unfolds, the concept of relative scale manifests as a governing force. Consider, if you will, the venerable cruiser bicycle and its symbiotic partner, the tire—a gravitational duet ensconced in the cosmic order. The tenet of relative scale posits that, when the inherent proportions of the tire size diverge from the cosmic blueprint of the bicycle's scale, a cosmic imperative is triggered: the bicycle, as the subservient element in this cosmic liaison, must undergo transformative adaptation to conform to the intrinsic dictates of relative scale. Thus, in the cosmic symphony of dimensional relationships, the immutable decree echoes – should the tire size decree a divergence, the bicycle, as a celestial disciple of relativity, yields to the celestial choreography, realigning itself to the cosmic rhythms, thereby ensuring the seamless integration of size relationships within the cosmic tableau." -Albert Einstein (aka ChatGPT)

"If you can't choose the size of the tires relative to the bike, change the size of the bike relative to the tires." -TRM


(The size of the bike is shown relative to my son Matthew.)

Here's the build thread.
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I've saved one big surprise (relatively speaking) for the end. As soon as the 'Finished Thread' is open I'll post the big reveal! 😃

(Okay, it's actually a small reveal but I'm still going to wait.):forum:BTW, there are clues in some previous posts. :bandit:
Well played sir! Well played! 😄

Nice finished project, as always. :41: