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Aug 4, 2016
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Poznan, Poland
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If you want to build one the same way as i do - here is a list. Of course you can use different ways and components, i am just sharing the ones i have experience with.
You are going to need:
- 1w or 3w power LED
- 18650 power elements or similar (for example flat 4,2v battery packs)
- LM2596 step-down module or similar
- TP4056 safety module with USB charging function
- battery case if needed
- heat conductive glue
- big enough radiator for a LED (ones i use are about an 1" wide and deep)
- optionally some focusing lens
- optionally some wire connector plug and socket (i use 2,1/5,5 ones, makes it comfortable to disconnect the front part of assembly for maintenance)
- some switch (water resistant or with a rubber external "sock")
- some wires
- hot glue
- rubber sheet

I will probably film a video of myself making it, or maybe take a series of photos, we will see.
Oct 10, 2016
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I built a stand for the Electra tonight, I am going to be putting the bike in a car show called the World Of Wheels in February and need a way for it to stand up since I ditched the kickstand for a cleaner look. I used some scrap metal and wrenches from work and welded up a lil stand. This is the first time I've welded in like 5 years and I don't have much experience either. Pretty happy with the results! View attachment 179790 View attachment 179792 View attachment 179793 View attachment 179794
That's a really COOOL stand and the bike turned out SWEEEET...

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