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Nov 24, 2012
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The Tropics of Alabama
Decoluxe logo2.jpg
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The concept for Decoluxe is to build a 1940's era bicycle that could have existed but didn't. The bike will hopefully look like it had been found in the back of a warehouse in a once thriving metropolis somewhere in industrialized America. Opulent uses of steel and chrome mixed with the graceful lines and colors of the art deco movement will set the tone. The grime and grit of use will cement it in time. In the end my hope is that Decoluxe with evoke a warm nostalgic feeling of that bygone era in history.

Here's the starting point:
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Cool logo

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I'm sure this is gonna be a sexy build with the curves of that frame and the curves of your tank.
I'm always a fan of a TRM build.
Please explain.

That curved seat post was a late 39 40-41 thing.

Used a lot more in 41 than 40. Not a lot of information on Prewar Murray serial numbers. But the frames always tell.

If anyone knows how to crack that serial more power to them. I think that it's mostly speculation anyways. No database.
I've seen a 1939 SC serial number so maybe SE is 41?

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I have a men's frame Murray built curved set tube & I believe it a 41 also . Sound right .

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So, if your build is as 'curvy' as it looks and others have already stated, maybe I should go for 'twiggy'? :bigsmile: I was thinking lean and mean any way....play the hand that's dealt ya I always say...

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