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Fat Bottom Girl (it's a chopper, not a girl) for sale.

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Nov 16, 2011
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Mechanicsburg Pa.
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The time has come to part with my 2017 build off entry, Fat Bottom Girl. I've had my fun, rode it to work, entered a car show (didn't trophy, haha). Most may remember the build thread, it received many compliments. It gets more in person. Since I don't have any point of reference to go by for pricing, I'm going to list it at $1500. This of course is open to discussion, please feel free to contact me. The headlight is not included, I like it too much, and is actually bright enough to use for night riding. I obviously can't ship, you must pick up locally in the Harrisburg, Pa area. That's about 2hrs west of Trexlertown, for those who may be in the area for the swap at the end of the month.
Love the quality and design style that went into this build. GLWTS.