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@MattiThundrrr , dont let @ingola fool ya. He photo shopped the delay ticket! Right now he is sitting on the floor in a corner hugging the frame and slowly rocking back-and- forth....
No I wish I was getting up every hour to check then that guess it's energy drinks and coffee tonight
Estimated arrival yesterday
I don't know MTN Tek, but it looks like that's a Tange sticker on the seat tube, always a good sign. Bridgestone looks really nice too, I'd ride that one all day
Good eye as usual. They are both Tange CrMo frames and would be a good base for a cheap build. I like the look of the suspension fork, I might take it apart and make it a rigid. I found them on the curb.
Mine was also a one speed just like that with regular handlebars. I had a bike shop in Alameda lace up a set of Z rims to a SA 3 speed w coaster. I rode it in 83 and 84 to work in the Philippines. Through Olongapo City out to Cubi Point Operations. 5 miles in one direction. The bike was kept at home in Florida later but disappeared.

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