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It sure must be nice to have a honey hole or two to visit.
I'm thinking your Western Flyer(?) tank bike has a one year only shoulder fork and cast light mount. I forget what year...'39, '40...'uh 41 my best guess.
It looks like an ideal new OA Bath Toy. There could be a pleasing original ref and white finish under the charming oxidation.
I Dig It! If you consider rehoming it sometime and travelling west, I'm just down the 401 a ways.

Cool Columbia too, looks to be 24"? Any plans? Curious is all.
What am I looking at pretty sure it's schwinn

Guy has a tons for me to look at
Heading there Fri.

Bottom photos are mostly CCM Im good with those
Yep a DX Schwinn with a couple other parts.

Go ahead and get a trailer and get the whole lot.
Don't usually buy other people's rods

But this raliegh tracker needs to be returned to its glory
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