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Jun 27, 2018
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Got me a 77 Firecat sweet little muscle bike. This is my first muscle bike so this should be fun. Well the story gets Interesting after this pic the bike was disassembled and sent to the paint dude after months of phone calls and goin to the shop the frame has been "misplaced". So its gonna be hard to complete this bike. I'm sick about it. I have a pile of parts for this bike that now do me no good. So yeah sorry.


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What she ^ said! That thing is wacky. Is that the 'stock' components for that bike?
If that is the remnants of the original paint, it isn't a fire cat. Its a Western Flyer RamRod. The only new bike I had as a kid. Loved it for about a year...then got tired of not being able to compete with all the other kids on their bmx I traded it for parts to put together my own ratty bmx bike :grin:.

(not my pic)
Firecats are awesome frames.

Just a tip on posting pics though. Make sure you select the "FULL IMAGE" option so that we see the full pics and not just thumbnails.
DoWN to the WiRe ~! Hope to see you cross the "Finished " line ! RaT oN~!
The painter has "misplaced" the frame. So I'm stuck Chuck. I had some great ideas for that frame. So im sittin with a pile of parts that I'm gonna need to figure out what to use them on. Time for Frankenbike i guess. Lol

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