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This is just what we needed for some 2020 relief!!! A good shot of FIL was long overdue and just the right medicine!!!! Thanks Steve!. I was eating lunch in a DQ a month ago and smiled when it came time to eat my sundae. I could see FIL's sundae smile clear as day. Great to hear that all is still well with you and yours. I'm digging the Rona Beard on FIL.
Thanks so much for the update! I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!
Give FIL a hug from us all!!!!
I'm about 40% of the way through this, and I'm the newest member of the Fan of FIL Club. What the world needs now.
I'm inspired, once our current fiasco is resolved, I'll be taking my father out. We can't ride together, but we need to spend the time while we can. Thanks
I am new to RRB this year and just discovered this beautiful thread. I read some of the earlier pages this morning. I lost my father 24 years ago to a massive heart attack when i was 29. Watching him fixing and making things from a young age is the reason i spend a lot of my spare time bringing old things back to life. Fortunately i made a new good mate in my father in law. He is now 80 and still going strong. He has a hobby farm with over 300 olive trees and up until this year was still climbing the trees and shaking the olives out of them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us all. All the best to FIL and your family for Christmas and the New Year from a new Aussie fan.
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Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the nice comments. :)
My Wife liked all the responses.
Glad you enjoyed the post!:thumbsup:
Really happy to hear from the regulars (and some new people) when I was more active. :)

Kingfish-glad a DQ could give you a smile.
My Wife will take care of he Hugs

Dr T, Deorman, and OddJob: Thanks so much!

Matti-Good to hear you'll be getting out with your Dad soon

Skipton- Thank You!

JA331-sorry to hear about your Dad.
Glad to hear you made a connection with your Father In Law.
He sounds like a great (and amazing) guy! Thank you for sharing your story.

Thanks to the rest of you for checking out the tread. :hi:

I finally got FIL's attention and he wanted to show off his favorite Christmas presents this year.
Gift cetificates to McDonalds and DQ!

Thanks for Looking

Not sure how I missed this thread, but glad I found it.
Your FIL reminds me some of my maternal Grandpa. The ornery streak and subtle joking. Grandpa also rode a motorcycle when he was young. When a young lady dropped handkerchief when he rode by he would swing around, lean over and grab it up in his teeth. Grandpa didn't scuba and stuff, but he built a Model T speedster he drove up and down the alley behind their house!!
The main thing your thread hit me with was the similarities between you and your wife's dementia/Alzheimer's experience and my wife's and mine. my FIL died several years ago from complications of dementia. We brought my MIL (mother in law) to live with us in the spring of 2017, moving her from her native Arkansas to our home in NC. The repeated questions, the not remembering something new belonged to them (in her case her new house and bedroom), and the "shutdown robot impersonations" when overwhelmed. 2020 seemed to be bad for her. She is still with us, but my wife is having to constantly care for her now, as your wife with her mom.
These diseases are horrible how they tear down once vibrant people into helpless over-sized infants. Hope your FIL has many more good years. And lots of ice cream!
Happy New Year Rat Rod Bikers!!
Thought I'd stop by and update a bit since I see the view count keeps increasing (thank you for that!)

FIL is doing okay, now in his 89th year. He still has the demitia issues and his deafness has gotten worse which has him go inward even more now. But he is physically doing well and still loves his ice cream (anytime he can get, or take it ;) ).

Had a nice (and safe) family Christmas and New Years Eve (with SIL in town too). FIL is very focused on his dinner.
FIL Xmas 2021.JPG

On New Years Eve, he was having fun with his new word finds after pizza and ice cream.

The year has been going well with my wife and me.
We gave some bikes away to thin the herd.

My wife gave away her bike from high school to SIL's friend who was very happy and appreciative
(look at his face! Its all worth it). He has the time and passaion to give it some much needed work.

I gave away about 4 to neighbor, family, and friends and was glad to see them riding them.

Speaking of family of updates, here are some of FIL's family riders from the past:
Here is a timeline of member "JisRad" that I put togehter after he came to town this year.

Then there is "Little Guy" who is not a "Little" 5'9" now! Gave him the triangle bike this year. I'll have to call him "Big Guy" from now on.

Karen and me finally got back to Chicago this year, Yeah!
Biking is such a great way to see the city and enjoy the fun. I brought my gravel bike and my wife rented.

And I had a awesome ride with Skipton! Oh man, we just picked up were we left off about 5 (or 7?) years ago.
It was so cool!

I haven't been building old bikes up lately as I'm still not work (for someone else) and getting some major (structural) projects one on our house . It takes most my time and energy but am going to build bikes more once the bulk of my "homework" is done some time in 2022.

Think I may try to sell some of the bikes in 2022, including FIL's bike, which he sadly can't rid any more, so it sits there, being lonely and getting dusty.

I am taking some time to ride but haven't got the AL Cruiser out lately.
Mostly my gravel bike and MTB which is currently setup great for the winter.

So there we go.
I do check in occasionally to catch up on all the cool new builds and rides.
So many amazing bikes!!

Thanks to all the responses in the past. I still wish FIL could have realized he was a hit. Think he would have got a kick out of it. But his is (reasonably) happy, healthy and safe, so that is the most important.

Hope everybody has a great 2022!

Thanks for Looking
Thanks for the update Steve! Great to see you, FIL, and the rest of the family! Seeing your plaster lath brings back memories of the restoration we did on our 1873 home. How old is your place?
Steve!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Such a great time riding with you!! Always so good to see you. Can’t thank you enough for the Single speed. I have put some miles on it for sure. Still is the same as when I got it.. if it’s wrong to ride a normal bike. I don’t want to be right!! 🤣😂 might swap out the bars here soon. But it’s for sure so smooth and fast!
Have a great 2022 and enjoy the family and hope the house projects go smoothly. Can’t wait to see some bike builds of yours soon.
Thanks Kingfish, Deorman, and Skipton plus all the thumbs up! Kingfish: the house is was built in 1904-sounds like youu had even more "fun" with yours.
You Too, Deorman!
Skipton: glad to hear the Felt is getting miles. Think swapping out the handlebars is a good idea. Tires too. My wife and me really cracked up with you "not wanting to be right..." Ha! ha! Ride On!! Thanks again for showing me the sights (ie "eye sights", sorry-bad pun) and also the new cool pic you posted-nice!
Thanks eveybody else for looking and thumbing.
Glad to see FIL's riding and now retirement still provides some enjoyment.
Take Care, Have Fun, Ride a bike!!
2022 Update

Happy Holidays Everybody! Hope you’re all doing well.

Just giving a bit of an 2022 update on my FIL (Father In Law). He turned 90 years old this year!! He is doing well with my wife’s son living with him. My wife walks down to feed and help out 2x a day. He is still not on any meds-just vitamins, supplements, and good food. My wife has FIL marching in place now (which he kinda hates and tries to finagle out of). She also helps him climb up and down the steps for practice.

FIL’s hearing is very poor at this point. There is, of course, still the repetition and broken robot moments. But he still plays solitaire and word finds a lot. Now my wife has him reading the newspaper. He worked for this newspaper as a print setter for decades and gets his daily free paper in retirement (going on 25 years). He focuses mostly on the funnies and sports. He’s pretty excited that the Minnesota Vikings are doing so well this year.
1 FIL newspaper.JPG

Here is our pre-Christmas celebration with my SIL (Sister In Law) in town which was very nice for all.
2 SIL and the gang.JPG

FIL’s attention is tightly focused on the cake and Ice cream.

It felt good to be eating ice cream with FIL again. He is rather fragile and doesn’t really go out much at this point so we can’t really go to DQ anymore.
3 FIL and me.JPG

We have a new addition to the clan (as of spring 2022). His name is "Haruki", which is a Japanese boy’s name meaning “spring child”. He is a Frenchton (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier) and he’s the step-brother of the dog “Tosh” seen with FIL in an earlier post.
4 Wife and Ruki.JPG

Think ‘Ruki’s puppy energy gets on FIL’s nerves sometimes but when they both are tuckered out, they get along fine. (Thanks to my Step son for the great pic).
5 FIL and Ruki.JPG

We share Ruki between us and FIL & Step Son (they live a half block away). Ruki’s a lot a fun. He’s smart, quirky and either frantically searching out the window for squirrels or snoring on the couch.

He’s very curious about that dog on the phone screen and he loves snow.
6 Ruki and me.JPG

At ~ 9 month’s old now, he’s weighs 22lbs and we have to watch him a bit so he doesn’t fling himself into FIL.

We had another Christmas celebration after the deep freeze (Sheesh!!) and everybody was in good spirits.
7 Late Xmas gang.JPG

Think FIL is either smiling or frowning because he’s waiting on the cake and ice cream. He still eats plenty of ice cream. :)

I’m still working on the house full time and making slow but steady progress. Lot’s of construction (and destruction) with the new 2nd BR/ Hallway and East wall siding (including massive wall/foundation repair) wrapping up. Not officially retired but got at about another year to get my “homework” done. At least the house is now more safe, sealed up, and saleable.

Still riding twice a week through all the seasons. Got out for the first snow ride a few weeks ago. It was awesome! Sorry, using multiple gears and disc brakes now. MplsDisc doesn’t flow quite as well though. :)
8 winter riding.JPG

So that’s pretty much it.

FIL is in pretty good health but a bit more frail and hard of hearing but 90 years old now! Wow!
9 FIL cards.JPG

Hope all you guys are all doing well. I try to check in for the bike builds with a lot of people dreaming up even crazier, more innovative, and cooler bikes. Keep up the good work! I might try to get my last few bike projects going this year (we’ll see how the remaining house siding project goes) and I’ll post them.

Early this year, It was 10 years since we first started this thread about getting my FIL (who has dementia) riding a bike to DQ. According to the view count, people are still viewing it. My Wife and me want to want really thank everyone who has visited FIL’s thread. It wouldn’t be the same without your comradery, heartfelt comments and occasional comedy. We also want to thank Rat Rod Steve, the original creator of RRBs, for developing such a good and welcoming environment to share our story. I wish that FIL had the capacity to understand what we did here. I think he would get a big kick out of it.

Thanks for looking
Steve (MplsCoaster)
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Nice to read the update. I've followed this for long enough to feel a connection without knowing anyone here in person. FIL is blessed to have such a caring family. God bless you!
Happy New Year Steve, FIL, and family!
It warms my heart to see good old FIL still enjoying his ice cream. 90 years old is a major accomplishment. Wish him a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the RRB gang. Hard to believe this thread is 10 years old now. Thanks once again for continuing to share updates on our RRB friend FIL and your family. I see that the thread has cracked 70K views now, so it's easy to see that your RRB family still cares.
God Bless you all. I promise to raise my next scoop of ice cream in a toast to FIL's 90th!

This is AWESOME! So glad to see that he is doing so well, my Mom was 96 when she passed, her down fall was MD ( macular degermation ) the eyes. She fall and broke her hip at 92 because of it, I am 81 and still ride bike in the summer. God Bless and enjoy the time you have left with him and the rest of the family.........Curt I have been retired 22 years now, and after reading this I am so glad I went early.
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the kind responses.

Thanks Rusty Gold for changing over the title. I appreciate it!

TRM: I'm glad you feel that way because I feel that way too. Thank you.

Thanks Kingfish! I'll pass the well wishes along. The graphic is awesome. Yea, 90 and eating cake and ice cream. He's very fortunate.
I see the count restarted after the title change but oh well. Toast with ice cream-mmm- I think you got a new flavor combo-ha, ha.

White Coyote: Thank you and I'll post next year.

Hey Curtis Fox, I'm glad you like the thread. Sorry to hear about your Mom. That's really tough.
So glad you are still riding at 81!! I totally agree about retireing earlier if you can.

IIFIFM: You Betcha! thanks

So glad lot of the old gang is still around and very upbeat that there is a lot of new voices!

Take Care, Have Fun!
Thanks for looking,
2023 Update

Hello Everybody,

Sorry for the delay of the yearly post.

FIL is doing ok. He is now 91 years old.

He still enjoys his word finds, solitaire, and reading the sports/comics in the newspaper, he worked at for so many years. And of course, he still enjoys ice cream (as he gets a Dairy Queen gift certificate on Christmas)!
Fil Newspaper.JPG

Fil and my Wife.JPG

His hearing is pretty much gone. My wife and step son use hand motions to communicate with less stress for all. He is more fragile but still walks up the stairs (with some help).

Our dog, Ruki, still worries him (and my wife) a bit because he is so rowdy. Tosh, with his mellower attitude, is a bit more easy to be friendly.
FIL and Tosh.JPG

Thanks for viewing and sharing his story. I still look back fondly on riding with him, his humor, and stories.

Also, you might remember my (now retired) barber, Phil, who still has his childhood Spaceliner (in near mint shape!!). He is graciously donating it to my oldest grand nephew, so it will live on! (after I do a tune up this spring) Thanks to him so much!!! Am looking forward to building some different (more tough) bikes for my other grand nephews, who are a bit younger and rowdier :).
Phil and his spaceliner.JPG

Thanks for looking,