Flightliner: Tri-Speed **DONE**

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Sep 6, 2006
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Valparaiso In
Fresh from the Klunker build off:

Not sure where Im going with this yet.... :mrgreen:
Re: Flightliner

Good to have ya on board! Until I got those pics from ya, I assumed the flightliners were just a standard cantilever frame with a single top bar... Can't wait to see what you do with this!
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV-3

threw a set of the Kenda 4 dollar tires on just to see how it looks...

Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV-3

do you know what that gaurd is from? it looks similar to one on a bike i might be getting soon.im trying to id the bike.
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV-3

New direction/bad pics... :mrgreen:


Chrome fenders layed in place.Gonna go 3 speed coaster. Short stikshift somewhere....maybe short straight bars...ratty leather saddle..
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV-3

I LIKE it!.......If Raleigh made a "liner", that's what it would've looked like. NICE!
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV-3 Tri-Speed

well, the ratty saddle didnt look right for this. I'll try it on the Space Hog! Cut down some old bars and threw the grips on with a diff. seat... shifter may or may not stay...perhaps some racks..bigger, cooler front sprocket.. :mrgreen:



Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV Tri-Speed

That looks great. Are those 26" wheels or larger? Try steel wooling off the Kalin on the handlebars.
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV Tri-Speed

theyre 26 X 1 3/8. Im either gonna go with those bars, minus the "graphics" or try to find a chrome set...
Re: Flightliner: Syncon IV Tri-Speed

Looks good so far. When I picture a 'Space Bike', I envision skinny tires also. A 3 speed huh? Is one of the speeds 'Ludicrous'? :D