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Oct 23, 2007
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Portland, Oregon
Let's see what comes of this:


Had a set of Sting Ray 20" S7 3 speed wheels laying around and scrounged some parts up. So far, outside of a screw and nut, everything has come from within my garage. I think I might have to buy a chain. I have to tear apart a Frankenstein bobble head I have (looks like the drawing I did) so that the shifter has a knob.
Gonna try to. I have a plotter to cut the stencils, I'm just not sure of how much room there'll be.
Back wheel got some blue lines

Painted a badge to match the stripes on the tires and put Frank's head on the shifter

Poor Frank has no head now

Darned camera made the stripe on the tire and the badge look lighter blue than they really are. I think the mock-up is mostly done. Should sand/prime/paint it soon. I think I have to make that stem a little shorter too.
You killed Frank!!!!
I think Frank had it comin. Lazy monster, just standin there with his hands in his pockets. Cool bike.
woooohooooo! this is .... nice man! there's gone be one more lucky kid on a bike
DISASTER. The stand, that my painted parts were drying on, fell and many things were damaged. I think with only eight days left, I'm bowing out. Too much to do and not enough time. Maybe next build. Bummer. Good luck to everyone else.

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