'frantic' lowrider - DONE!! 5-10-08

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Feb 24, 2007
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missouri - usa
im not sure which way im gonna go w/ this one. i got the frame from a kid across the street, everything else came off other bikes. the frame is chromoly and its in great shape, the way it sits here it would be a practical and rideable bike for a kid, but im tempted to put a bent springer (lowrider) fork on it. i have an extra bent springer it would look killer on the frame, i just cant decide! as it sits it would have v-brakes front and back which would be great, and it looks cool too, but man it would look killer as a lowrider wouldnt it! ill mock it up w/ the bent springer next chance i get and compare the photos...i also gotta get those goofy lookin stickers off of it. what do you guys think? i wont be keeping this one, it'll be another "for sale or trade" project so i gotta think which way (lowrider or not) is gonna be more apt to sell....unless it looks rreeeaaallly cool as a lowrider then ill keep it "for my sons!" :D please put 2 cents here...
Re: odd frame

I say go with a bent springer! Completly changed the look of my Diamondback."Your sons" will have a killer bike.After you Frantic-ly remove those horrible decals! :wink:
Re: odd frame

ok, i switched out the tires for some rubber w/ flames, removed all of the stickers from the frame, pressed the bearing cups into the head tube and bottom bracket, installed the bent springer fork, installed a small chaingring/crank arm assemble from a childrens donor bike, changed out some axl lock nuts so that the front wheel would fit into the bent springer fork, took apart the pedals from a donor bmx and cleaned/regreased/installed them, installed a cut kickstand that mounts to the chain and seat stays, this frame orignally had a bolt and locnut on the seat tube but i installed a quick release from a donor bike, and i found out the chain that was already on it just happend to fit! score! the rear wheel has a bmx free wheel and it has v-brakes on the back. everything cleaned up pretty nice. ive decided im not gonna use these small bars, im gonna get some taller ones instead, and i have a 2 1/2 foot long seat post that is the right size that i'll have bent for it. i also have a very comfy springer seat,it'll look kinda odd on the bike but since ive decided to keep this one for myself i need a comfy seat! there are mounts for a chain gaurd but i dont like them, i may use them for mounting a plate or something. i will also "dress" it when it's done with reflectors and that kind of thing. this will be cool looking, but it will also be very practical. i have another lowrider but its very generic, i like things to be a lil different so thats why i decided to keep this one and sell the other.

Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-15-08

I'm thinking a banana seat used as a seat/ fender might look nice with those frame lines.

The bent springer on a BMX look is cool.
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-15-08

ya know, i lkie this little puppy, very kool. yep a banana will do right, killer bike.
Outlaw :mrgreen:
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-15-08

Nice looking bike. I say that you should grind off that last little bit of the seat tube that's one the bottom and it will flow a lot better.
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-15-08

this is where it sits as of today, i went ahead and spent the $$ on these bars, they were necessary! i have a different stem i want to use but i will have to get shims to fit these bars into a road stem. i took it out and it rides pretty comfy, that seat rocks! looks like bent seat posts are gonna be one of my "calling cards" i really dig the way they look. i have some cool grips and reflectors and stuff and i still gotta run brake cables, im gonna keep this one for a while - or at least until a more cool bike is done!

Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-31-08

Looks GREAT! I've got those same bars (25in. delta) on a recumbent I made, $$$ paid a lot more then I wanted to for them. With that seat post it looks like a semi-recumbent. It's actually comfortable isn't it?.......Nice job!
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-31-08

im surprised at how comfy it is to ride, with the seat set back and at that height my ride position is exactly where i like it. i rebuild the crank assembly and the pedals and its smooth as butter. im gonna dress it a bit, prolly put on the other stem, ride it a while, then try to sell it. my collection is outgrowing my house so over the summer i will enlist the help of craigslist to thin the herd. thanx for the compliments, guys,
fast eddie outty
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-31-08

Nice bike Eddy .. i was staring at this a while and i thought up a great seat post idea.... what if you copied the lines of the bent springer and then added a strut like and upside down one sided Springer fork .. with no spring just a seat ..hmmm.. ok, just thinking out loud ... anyway looks great i am going to have to start paying more attention to more bike i see everyday.. from mundane to insane.. cool
Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-31-08

DONE!! heres the before pic followed by the pics i took yesterday. i reeaaally dig this bike! its not very ratty, but it's all parts taken from "rescued" bikes and parts except for the handlebars, i bought those new. the seat post was found in a bin at a lbs, i spent 10 bucks on it then another 20 to have it bent at a machine shop, sheesh!! worth every penny though i think. some parts were purchased for other projects that have since been disassembled. this thing rides like a dream and ive already put a few mile on it. v-brakes are my brake of preference and i look for v-brake bosses on frames, im happy to have 'em on this bike. i also dig these kinds of kickstands but theyre kinda pricey, these came off a project i 'retired' last summer. its got reflectors front, back, and sides, a necessity on my rides cuz i try to build bikes that are practical to ride as well as look cool - this is also why you'll usually see seats w/ springs, gel, and more springs on my bikes! and i didnt forget to put cool valve stem covers on it, eight balls! for whatever reason i dont really dig fenders or chaingaurds, i think they look kinda clumsy and take away from the 'mechanical' look of a bike, so thats why i never have 'em on my builds. maybe my mind will change, it usually does! im callin it "frantic lowrider" cuz the stickers i took off it said frantic. all the finished bikes ive seen look great, y'all do great work and its a pleasure to be part of a contest and site w/ so much inspiration, creativity, sharing, and input.
fast eddie outty

this was my first mock up,

after, this one is gonna stay in the stable for a bit before it goes up for sale!






Re: 'frantic' lowrider - updated 3-31-08

what...no pics of you licking it??!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: Seriously though, it looks killer!!

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