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I don't ever remember seeing anyone do a tank like that. The closest thing I can think of is @Gold Street Customs Rhubarb Raider seat in BO7.
Dude you hit a homer with that tank idea. Good work on the seat too.

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No excuses, I have nothing to excuse myself from, but this is the busiest time of year for a youth pastor, I'm planning Summer events, added a few more, and my students (and my kids) are still in school for a couple more days.

Thursdays are my days off, and the biggest deal with me working on the bike is making room, each time I work I have to pull a bunch of junk out of the way and then have time to put it away afterwards, that really cuts into work time. Yesterday I had to take my son to a doctor's appointment at 9, then the rest of the day would be mine, until that appointment led to another in the afternoon, so I lost a lot of momentum (and money since my son needs glasses now.)

Anyway, once pulled out of the shop here's the mess I'm dealing with.

(in this photo: build-off parts on pallet table, old Honda tank on pallet table for moped project, 700c wheelset beside table for 29er tallbike project, Trek 1000 road bike a neighbor brought me to tune up for his wife, Honda Recon 4wheeler being sold to neighbor, dusk/dawn light on 4wheeler to put up on shop for security and working at night, 1978 Honda 50 Minitrail I got when I was 5 currently fixing for my son, and that Huffy Good Vibrations cantilever frame that I turned into a tank style frame last year during the build-off and still haven't done anything with).

This is just the junk right inside the door, the biggest issue is that big green thing, which I'm supposed to have sold to my neighbor by now, but I wouldn't sell it to him until I had the starter fixed, so yesterday I spend most of my time fixing the starter.

While messing with the 4 wheeler I pulled the fork rockers off and decided it was time to do something about the spray paint from the previous owner.

This is what I like to use, just be careful, just a little overspray on your hand or leg and this stuff burns bad and it's not easy to wash off.

I sprayed some on, put the can back on the shelf, walked back over and it was already like this:

(results may vary)

Then I got to messing with other stuff and completely forgot about the fork, but eventually scraped the paint off. He had painted over the original Spaceliner paint, but that comes off pretty easy too, though I could have saved it.

Anyway, then it was time to pack up again. Hopefully I'll hand the 4 wheeler over to my neighbor this weekend and I'll be able to work inside the shop without such a production.
Just do a little bit of something any chance you get and you'll get over the hump. That's what I've been trying to do. Still plenty of time left.
That tank is still soooooooo cool. Double Nickle and I were talking about it when he came to Savannah.
Keep on buildin buddy!
Alright, the Build-Off is over, I missed it, but I'm building this bike. The Summer turned out to be super busy and blah blah excuses excuses. Back to work.

Last week I drove to Greenville and picked up my frame, fenders, and fender skirts from @brett4christ He did an amazing job striping my parts.

I never showed you my fender skirts, so here they are, my dad gave me these a few years ago, before he retired he was in a warehouse and saw an interesting fan (he was in the HVAC business) and grabbed it for me, he drilled out the rivets holding the blades on and hammered the mounting surface flat leaving me these:

I was trying to clean them up, sanding and steel wool, then got an idea, wadded up a piece of copper wool and jammed it into a hole saw (with the guide bit removed), sprayed on some WD40 and set out making a swirl pattern on the blades (before striping):

And here they are after getting them back last week:







Grabbed my rat trap springer and started the fun of finding cups, when I was given the frame it never had cups, my first build on the frame never had the right cups:

Decided to flip the rockers and stretch this one a bit, not sure if I'm going to be able to run the front fender, but time will tell:

Then I got tired and my phone died, so I came back inside, more to come soon, can't wait to show you how I modified the saddle.
Beautiful striping work!!!!
Can't wait to see those fan blades on there too.
Glad to see you back on this one.
Evolution of a saddle. Started out a rideable replica saddle. Very thick leather, painted. Paint made it look like plastic.

So I started sanding it:

Got the paint off and oiled the leather:

Still wasn't the look I wanted, so I cut it (easier said than done, that leather is THICK!)

Now I love it, I saw this done to a Brooks before on a race bike: