Freemantle Highway Destroyed

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Phoenix tried new method to put out Waymo EV fire

Luton Airport Fire: Shocking New Drone Footage of Car Park
Wow, this insurance company resource says that electric vehicles are involved in the fewest fires!

Just look at that engine block burn!
"Electric vehicles (EVs) saw just 25 fires per 100,000 sold.

There is some logic to the results. After all, gasoline-powered cars depend on combustion to move. The energy transfer electric cars use to move doesn’t involve anything burning."
(Is there some real conspiracy here against electric cars?)

A friend told me that the world’s most profitable business is selling paper. By that, he meant the insurance industry; because that’s what they’re selling, until something actually happens and you (must try to) collect.

Anyhow, I am so amazed that hip young people are willing to go right to bat for the gigabuck insurance corporations.

I remember when young people became very distrustful of the giant corporations trying to sell them things, like food, cigarettes, insurance, booze and cars. It happened right before I came of age (meaning eligible for the military draft.)

But they say politics makes strange bedfellows, and if you read the history of Abraham Lincoln you’ll find out that this was actually a literal thing in the days of limited hotel space.

Nowadays, it is the crowded digital webspace which efficiently joins frightened pedestrian peoples to the extremely wealthy merchants of paper etc, and aligns anxious dole recipients to the worlds most profitable companies.

There is an insurance company somewhere that will sell you insurance on this. That doesn’t mean they will pay you anything when it falls over. It just means that someone with bad intentions will sell you paper for enough money.
I don't know if anyone bothered to read this
Environmental impacts are fair play and good conscientious discussion but be careful we don’t let this devolve into political discussion

Thanks 🙏
Nothing in last few posts have anything to with environmental impacts so your off topic for one and conspiracy theory and politics is not needed so I'm locking it out. Why can't we just stick to bathroom humour and other childish stuff and not argu over politics like a bunch of gen zers on tick tock.
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