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11 km from my front door, a destination, a plan, a goal
Inspector was supposed to show yesterday morning so we could have it wrapped up by supper. Never showed. Now rescheduled for Friday at noon. Did I mention that I'm supposed to leave for camping Friday at 2? Everything is fine
This is HUGE for my little city. Big shout out to the Cornwall BMX crew, especially Dan Drouin. They've done so much work over the past few years making this a reality.
lotsa sick hardware on the track, some serious riders on hardcore equipment. I dunno enough about new stuff to tell you what's what, but definitely not a lot of steel frames. Wanted to take pics of the pit areas, but didn't feel like being that guy. Fun for everyone, from Strider class 4 year olds to 50 plus cruisers, and grandparents in the crowd. I so happy. Lil Thundrrr will probably be competing next year. He's been on the track before, but fully stoked to race now
I've never been to a pump track, but my understanding is that they're just a less linear version of a BMX track. Do pump tracks have air options, like doubles and tabletops that can be cleared? This one isn't fully paved either, berms are dirt, rhythm section is packed gravel. Not one 26" wheel in sight, cruiser class is for 24s

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