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Ok convert to miles- that’s 2200 miles
Look at map-could still be in North America but maybe not. I’m not stalking you but you are playing coy.
Pics, maybe?
Vancouver. It's paradise.Had my toes in the ocean today for the first time in decades. Pictures from Granny's back yard
How many times have you staggered out of that building when it was Pedros
Lol I was saving that spot...View attachment 211628View attachment 211629
And the alleyway behind the shop again View attachment 211625
Plus a bonus church View attachment 211627
I never think of places for photos downtown and I pass those spots all the time the brick building behind that church would be awesome for Canadian metal.
Stomping tom was in that jail just a fun fact. At one time in Canada if you had no place to you could go to the jail and sleep there. Police force has no choice. He passed through and slept there.
I ate a cold taco bell bean burrito in his driveway once. He lived down the street from some relatives. Fun fact: Stompin Tom is one of the name options for my someday klunker project
I worked with a guy named John Irving in trenton he has his original masters I bought them off him and returned them to his family. You should read before the fame

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