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Jan 10, 2007
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Montreal, Canada
Here's the basis for my Diamond Frame Build Off bike. A cheap no-name 10 speed bike. I'm naming it Montreal after my hometown and I'll also use this project to start another Canadian Bike Overhaul blog. Keep posted, I gotta go and remove those crappy stickers.

Here's some pics of the work in progress. Removed the stickers with that rubber wheel thing. Still a pain to do. Grinded the rust off with the Dremel and I use Tamiya model putty to patch it up. Expensive stuff but the results are worth every penny.


I recently stripped a simillar frame that my father had in the basement. It was white, and um....Huffy....at least is was from '77.
i think it is a shadow, It must be cuz i dont see nothing.
I like the black on this. It looks kinda "euro"... not flat, not shiny.. 8)

I have another frame sitting here that may end up very similar. It is from the teens, and I will need to get it either media or sand blasted prior to going into anyhting with it. Large scale scale.... and some rust to go along with it! It is a "flyer" type frame. You have my thoughts going in the direction of it not leaning against the wall here next to my desk for much longer....

How will the rest of this be done? :?:

Rat Royale
REC Elsewhere

how did the Krylon Water Base work out ?
Didi it Atomize well when Sprayed ?
Does it Flow Nice ?

The Finish is Acrylic, so after 30 Days it will be ROCK HARD!
but I have yet to try the H20 Krylon.

what are your thoughts on The Product ?

and The Frame...The Frame Looks Great,
good Work Bro,
Nice job on the frame so far XD :D

Just to add to the painting of pool of knowledge --- I've had good results using Krylons flat black epoxy as a base coat, then followed with Krylon clear gloss epoxy. Nice shiny finish and the epoxy is pretty tough when it's fully cured.

Post mortem: What happened to this build? you may ask. Well it is probably the fact that I was in need of a single speed roadster to finish it and it never happened. I swear these things almost grow in trees around here and all of a sudden because I need one, can't find any! Maybe I am cursed since my first entry was disqualified from the first RRBBO and it plagued this one as well or it's just faith, who knows. The frame is all painted with gold pinstripes and may end up on a wall or hacksawed for parts. It was fun either way. Time to vote. :D

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