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Didn't get everything done over the holiday as I had wanted
But did get the rear of the bike sorted and that was the main thing

Needed to put the manta ray rear coaster on the narrow rim

dismantled both

Turned out the manta ray had 48 spokes so I had to remove 6 from each side to fit the standard 20" rear
I didn't get to fully finish mounting the coaster brake (need 18 slightly longer spokes due to the difference in rim width
At least I do at least have a roiling rear for now
Good thing too since after getting it mounted it turns out I still had to add a wider sprocket to clear the disc

Before the last pic I also had to widen the rear of the bike
keep in mind the rear on the huffy is already at 4" in stock form

After stretching the rear with a jack and with the coaster brake at the needed width its almost good to go
Everything with this build literally rested on the rear
So once I knew it would work I could start mocking up the bike
and check out the springer arrangement as well
which is a 28/700 size may go to the 26" once my new tires arrive


Bars leaned forward


Flipped in racing mode

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Ready for Bonneville!
Ready for Bonneville!


I wish
It needs a motor and a front brake still to be ready for Bonneville
But I do have plans to hopefully take it there in the future

I don't even know if it will be ready to go gravity racing b4 the build off deadline
but it should at least be a fully ride able bicycle by then

One of the things I need to address b4 the deadline is a bracket to attach the sissy bar to
I cant attach it to the rear axle since this bike will require foot pegs
and the rear drop out area doesn't have any suitable area to attach it to either

I grabbed some of the end scrap metal from the girder springer I was originally building for this project
picked up this gate hardware that i plan to use to make a floating attachment point for the banana seat


Also toying with the idea of flipping the fork springer arms
I can adjust the ride height better and the side truss bars clear the tank better
I just dont know if i like the look of it enough to switch it up so late
Guess I will wait until the tires arrive later today
Got the bike finished enough for the build off this weekend
It still needs stuff like front brakes and a few other small bits to be a gravity race
but that will all come later
but for now she is a rider and pretty much in the final form


More finished pics here


you can see in the pic bellow how the seat is mounted using the gate hing
its bolted to a quill style seat post similar to a gooseneck)

Eastern "throttle" 20 x 2.3 tires for that Goodyear Bonneville look
(really wish I could have gotten ahold of the Eastern "Squealer" semi slick tires)

Front bars have to be angled forward
having them straight up makes them hit the tank at a very small turn
but with the springer flipped and the bars leaned forward the turning radius is actually quite a lot


More build pics to come later
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pulled out a worksman 20" with drum
also a 20" moped rear wheel that someone before me added in a costerbrake (but this may get changed later)

The part that I really was looking for was the moon snap on caps that I once had on my old pt cruiser

I thought with the disc being 15" and the wheel from the bike measuring out to 16"
(all wheels with decimal tires are 4" smaller that the listed size so 20 x 2.125 is actually a 16" rim)
it turns out to match up quite well


I originally bought them from a guy who had lost one from his complete set so i bought them at a real cheap price
the one on the left of the photo had extra damage so I was able to pick up two more at moon headquarters in Santa Fe Springs for 1/2 off since they where considered "damaged"
Good thing its for a ratrod
I dont need anything perfect or full price

The extra disc i am using for practice modifications
as you can see the snap ring part and wheel spokes get in the way

so some modifications will be needed

Sorry to bump such an old thread but man I wish I could see these pics on how you did this. Having a go with discs for my build

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