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Oct 15, 2007
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Grand Rapids, MI
My dad and I are building up this 1967 Ross. I'm unsure of the year and the model, but the frame design is awesome. Here is a mock-up so far. Nothing is tightened, the crank is just resting in the tubing. The aluminum wheels are off from one of my 'childhood bikes'. :wink: The Diamondback/Kenda white walls are brand new, I scored them for only $5 each at ....'s Sporting Goods. My dad are I have three goals for this project...

#1 - Keep it cheap
#2 - Keep it lightweight (I will reveal how much it weights once finished)
#3 - Make it look Cool!




Edit > Here's how it looked when we first got it...
Frame is very cool!..............Also GREAT to see a Father, son team. 8)
The pedals were originally off of a Pacific Firehawk, one of my first bikes (mid 90's). The orange reflectors popped out, and my dad got some aluminum at work and cut out some rectangles, the same dimensions of the reflectors so that they will go in their place.

The bike is almost done! You can accomplish a lot in a day.... the whole day. :lol: Check out the banana seat. It was originally from a Stingray, but in horrible condition. My dad had a friend at work reupholster it. Don't worry, I kept the Stingray tag plate. :wink: It now looks pretty nice.

ej599 said:
Beeeautiful!! My second favorite bike in the build! :wink:

It's my favorite "Muscle" bike!..................That is one cool looking bike!