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Jul 5, 2010
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Hey, I've noticed a few other guitar enthusiasts on the forum.

So what do you play? What's in your rig?
How long have you been playing?
Whats your favorite style of music to play?

My fleet includes

from most visible to least visible:
2010 50's style Telecaster build
2007 Stratocaster style kit
2008 Epiphone Dot Deluxe
1993 Squire P-bass

since I've added a 1951 Harmony Sovereign acoustic, and am in the process of finishing the tele and just re did the harware, pickups and electronics on the Epiphone.

EDIT: also, not in the first pic is probably the most fitting guitar for the theme of this website: a 1969 Tiesco E-110 that pretty much came from the trash, got smashed, and given to me. Its a little ratty. Now I use it as a slide guitar because the frets are all pretty worn out.

My amp is a Crate V18 Class A tube amp that is too loud for a bedroom rocker like myself.

I have been playing just under 3 years, and I enjoy playing any sort of rock, and also I enjoy the blues style.

How about you?
Hey jonvo4591, could it be I recognize your multi-guitarstand from the tdpri-forum? Cool to hear about the Teisco.
Here are mine:


I'm in the process of building one. Or should I say heavilly modifying...
I was planning to buy a new Squier Tele Vintage Modified Custom II (phew!) but suddenly came across an add on a Dutch auctionsite: That same guitar of my choice a box parts ...and trashed... But, that's good enough for me.


^ I wanted to build the ultimate rockabilly-guitar. On a budget. For that I want to use as many aspects of guitars that the rockabilly-pioneers were using: P90 pick-ups, bigsby, one cut-away, semi-hollow, etc. That means hints of gibson, fender, and gretsch. And I wanted to cut it out of an existing tele-body.



I see it more as an artproject than anything else really. That means: If it plays well and sounds great it would be awesome, but if it sounds and plays okay-ish, that'll be fine too.






I did lot's of stuff to it: designed and cut out my own shape, filled the holes, drilled new ones to re-center the neck, partly hollowed it out, made a back and top with an f-hole cut-out, restyled aluminum 'radio'-knobs, homemade compensated bridge carved out of an aluminum bar, etc...

^ This is were it's at (and has been for several months now because of lack of time...)

Click here for a lot more detailed pics at the Telecasterforum!

Other gear:


^ me and my first electric guitar. 20 years ago... Egmond semi-hollow. ('60s Dutch make)


^ Epiphone Emperor II. Modified by me to make it more look like a Gretsch.


^ Cheap and crooked six string guitar-banjo.


^ Squier Telecaster. handcut vinyl pinstriping/scallops. flipped-around controlpanel.


^ Gretsch Anniversary. Added a Bigsby and homemade pickguard. Sold it to my brother...


^ He's getting much more fun out of it than I've ever had...


So what do you play? What's in your rig?
How long have you been playing?
Whats your favorite style of music to play?

I have an Marshall solid state, a Rath-amp, and a much used Danelectro bedroom mini-amp.

I guess I was born loving rockabilly-music. I've been a noviceplayer all my life and I don't expect to hear or see any improvement anytime soon... I've played in a rockabillyband 'Two Lane Blacktop' for a few years, and we won the talentcontest at the Hemsby Rock'n'roll weekender in 2000. It couldn't be from my guitarplaying because my borrowed semi-acoustic 'Whatever' was not plugged in... I guess there were a lot of Dutchies cheering for us at the venue ;-)
WOW! Great post there.

One of the last things I expected was for someone to recognize my multi guitar stand, but you are right on the money with that.

the tele looks awesome and I love that bridge! you've got some sweet axes in your fleet too :D
ive only got one guitar(since four strings is my preference) early 80s ventura lawsuit model of a gibson es 335
but ive got a rickenbacker 4003(98 in fireglow)
squire p bass(yeah theyre junk but when my son wants to play i dont have to worry about it :lol: )
and an ibanez edb 400(again not a great bass but its got a really good tone for what it is)
was playing through a sovetek bassov bluesboy head and an ampeg svt-610hlf cab but had to sell those when i was laid off for a while(still crying about the head since ill probably never find another :cry: ) now im stuck with just my practice amp(hartke ha2500)...
ive been playing off and on for about 15 years
and yeah i know this post is worthless w/o pics but i lost all my files/pics when the computer crashed...but ill drag everything out and get some new ones this weekend
Cool, sensor. I like the squire p-bass for just foolin' around on. It wasn't actually mine, but I pretty much inherited it from just having it for so long so it just gets passed around my friends to whoever needs it.

Pics are always good ;) but don't hurt yourself getting everything out.

Theres a guy at my church in the praise band I play with who's got a 70's (?) vintage rickenbaker bass that he bought new when he was a teenager. Its absolutely MINT condition and it sounds like nothing else. Even has stereo output :D
hey man, there's nothing wrong with used anything. I've only bought one guitar new, and that was the Epiphone Dot.

I just got the thing figured out too. swapped out the pickups and electronics and completely rewired it. I finally got rid of the buzz I was having. My grounds kept coming loose as I was feeding the electronics one by one thru the F-holes. WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT. but It's all good now and It feels good not having to have to deal with that again. I also swapped all the hardware out from nasty cheap gold, to nice, cool chrome. I gotta get some final pics of it. I just need to de-gold a couple screws and it will be finished!
Nice axes, especially the Ric bass.

Sorry, I have no pictures at the moment, but I too am bordering on guitar poor.

Mid '60's Gibson LG-1 Acoustic. Sunburst. Active Piezo bridge pickup added.
Dean Exotica Grand Auditorium in Black, Acoustic, Active Piezo, EQ.

I played in church for many years, and needed the pickups to patch into the church's PA System.

JB Player Strat clone. SSH usable guitar, nice neck, nothing special, kind of a beater.
Fender Squire 51 in Burst, white PG. Very under-rated.
Danelectro 56 U2 Reissue Nifty Aqua. What fun, lipstick pickups.

Fender JP-90 Bass, Black, Rosewood board, Maple neck with Skunk Stripe.

Yamaha GS-100 combo amp with Celestrion speaker upgrade. Cranks with POD 2.0.

Old Peavey 400 PA, speakers, stands, all the "stuff". etc. I'm primarily a singer.

Rock cover bands forever, tho not for a few years now. It's in my blood. I'd form a new band if I found the right guitarist and drummer.
bucket loads of guitars over the years but I guess the only ones worthy of mention were a Gibson Les Paul Standard, followed by a LP Studio, then several Epiphone LP's... '56 gold top, then a Strat then and now a Squier Strat.... seems to be a downward trend now i look at it !!!
Although my heart really belonged to my 7 piece sparkle black Tama Rockstar& Zildjians... sigh :D
wow, guys. some very cool stuff here.

Jerry, I've liked the squire '51's ever since I saw them, and I'd love to own one someday and mod it out!

I've been sorta half looking for a better amp lately, the lead guitarist of my praise band at church has a peavey classic 30 that I love the sound of. Really, all I need is a nice tube amp with a clean and a dirty channel, and I'll be good. I'm getting kinda sick of only one channel on my crate.
just got this turser dirt cheap,I prefer it over gibson which I have had several.been playing for 40 years,I play srv,journey,beatles,frampton,eagles,.played in a fender legen
ds and licks contest,did pride and joy.I use an old 40 watt randall.
gcbike said:
just got this turser dirt cheap,I prefer it over gibson which I have had several.been playing for 40 years,I play srv,journey,beatles,frampton,eagles,.played in a fender legen
ds and licks contest,did pride and joy.I use an old 40 watt randall.


I am not worth-y! I am not worth-y! I am not worth-y! I am not worth-y!

(lol) mine is the jt220 sounds like a cross between a gibson and strat.has 60s slim neck.I had the jt200 serpent a month ago.before that I had a gibson les paul studio faded cherry,came complete with razor sharp fret work and never stayed in tune.this turser is flawless and completely set up the right way right out of the box.something gibson and epiphone seem to lack.the neck is set.
yup, I remember when I first saw jay turser guitars on ebay, but I never paid much attention to them because I had never heard of them before. most people underrate the lesser known companies.
Im a bit of a BC Rich fan.Me and my Body Art "Skull Pile" Flying V

Newest, Old, Warlock

The Other Warlock


V and Beast

Currently: 2 Warlocks, Flying V, Beast, all BC Richs
Cheap Les Paul copy w/EMG active pickups,Epi Strat w/custom paint,5 string bass and 2 acoustics..
We should start a band Mark :mrgreen: here's some of my stuff:

Eco fretless accoustic bass, approx 30 years old

Alden active bass, fairly new
Grand Suzuki solid neck/body, approx 35-40 years old
Torque 100 Watts basscombo

Here's me mid-90s playing in Egghead on my Washburn Force-abt active :lol:

To give you an idea, here are some tunes we used to make when hardcore was still loud noize instead of housemusic :mrgreen:
Have fun, but don't blame me... :roll:

Oh, and there is also this: