Headtube rust.

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Oct 28, 2018
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I noticed that the bottom headset cup on this Rollfast is not in all the way in and it us spinning around in the headtube. Should it be pressed all the way in or is there too much rust?
I'd say it needs to be taken out, the head tube cleaned, and maybe some type of shim to make it fit tighter. I've never seen rust coming out around the cup like that.
I hope it can be saved because I've always liked the Rollfast brand. Even if it's not the roadbike I would still like to get at working.

Here is a picture the rest of the bike. The rest of the frame does not look that bad but the components are pretty crusty.
I would think the bearings are rusted solid to the cup and the fork race and have overcome the friction fit of the upper cup to the head tube. You may need a new headset and I think Matti is right about possibly needing a shim. A new cup might fit tight but if this thing has been ridden a lot in this condition metal has been worn away.
Hopefully just the cup suffers from rust. If the headtube hasn't been eaten away on the inside where the cup goes in, then there's hope. A new headset might be all it needs after cleaning up. If the inside of the headtube shows it eaten away at the bottom, maybe that portion can be removed if it's just a 1/4 inch or so.