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Sep 17, 2013
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I have seen this done many times where people file the teeth off of a sprocket.

The funny thing is, that Skip-tooth chain was used on the cheaper bicycles. The most expensive bicycles had modern roller chain. So essentially you’re making your bicycle look more antique but also less expensive.

Regular modern roller chain was considered the expensive and smoother stuff since even 1915. The regular Sears bicycle then came with skip-tooth chain and the most expensive one had modern roller chain.

Skip tooth chain was supposed to be stronger and clog up less with debris. I’m not sure how this could be true, And it may just be an old wives tale.
Track bikes used skip tooth block chains into the 60s and this was considered state of the art and not cheap. The theory was that roller chains have a little slop and block chains don’t. For sudden and explosive acceleration they figured skip tooth block chains gave you an advantage. Modern testing has disproved this so in the early 60s skip tooth block chains were out. Here is my late 1920s Gloria Italian track bike with a skip tooth block chain. European high quality bikes had 1/2 chains going way back. The 1938-1941 Schwinn New World, Superior and Paramount gave you the choice of ordering them in one inch or half inch pitch. These bike frames could be ordered anyway you wanted, track bike with a chain guard. The new world was heavy and when ordered with track components they were primarily used as rentals at tracks for learners. Cheap American bikes back then had skip tooth.
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Aug 3, 2010
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I did the faux skiptooth in a bike known as the bootlegger back about a decade ago and it worked flawlessly.

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