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Thanks to all for a great site with a ton of knowledge to share for a newb like me! I love the old-school patina bikes and have my eye on one.
Welcome Walter, I love my patina bikes as well and have a bunch. I also stared with my eye on one and it quickly got out of control. I had as many as 30 bikes in my fervor early on. I felt like I could not pass up any bike I saw. After I realized what it was I really wanted to collect I refined my collection. I no longer stress out when I see a bike I want thinking " I have to skip work and get that before anyone else does" I still want every bike but logic, space and $ keep me from going overboard. Post some pics of the bike your interested in, everyone loves pics. A couple of my favorite keepers a 1948 Schwinn DX ( I found a better matching light for this one) and 1949 Schwinn tanked straight bar D-19