I Think I Just Became a Motorcycle Enthusiast

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Boss Hoss drops em in this way

They seem to sell a bunch of them too
I’d like to see somebody do a panic stop on one, brakes locked up, standing on the pegs, wheels crossed up going full slideways.

I’ve been crossed up on the Nomad before, going 45, right on the main boulevard, and that bike is over 800 pounds wet.

I used to play Harry Hotshoe around town on a custom Kawasaki 900 that was 600 pounds.

But I can’t imagine doing that on the Boss Hoss. The bare engines gotta be 600 pounds. I just don’t think I am big enough to pull it off.
I remember going to the dragstrips and watching those Kawasaki 900s waste highly modified drag cars. I'm talking 2 four barrel tunnel ram induction, big cams, and this black guy on a 900 would look over his shoulder to see if he needed to stay in the throttle.
My buddy had an rz500 two stroke. Red light racer, he'd let the car gain a bit of space, then really twist it, and pass them on his back wheel. I would/could never ride like he did, he would also split lanes while doing wheelies!
My buddy had an rz500 two stroke. Red light racer, he'd let the car gain a bit of space, then really twist it, and pass them on his back wheel. I would/could never ride like he did, he would also split lanes while doing wheelies!
One of my favorites

I raced an RZ350 for a couple years and that was fun in a tiny package
Here’s real power ! I just picked this one up this past weekend. I plan on doing a full, total restore someday, but I have a couple of bike builds to finish up first.
It’s a 1959 Cushman Eagle scooter.View attachment 248091View attachment 248093View attachment 248092
Very cool machine!

I would love to build something like this someday:


7 Cylinders?
Found it on this webpage:
*Click here* for radial engine cycles

Or something smaller which is still cool.

If you are going to build something like any of the bikes here, then you have to get focussed.

And chuck away all those other projects...

I am constantly reminded, when I look at such machines, of a quote from the hokeyass message board (HAMB)

“Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

I have a picture which exemplifies this philosophy, in the most impressive possible terms, and I will have to go dig it up and post it on this site.
For the life of me, I cannot find the photograph in question. I probably lost it in the great photo bucket debacle.

The bike was a white glittery pearl Harley Davidson custom with blue flames in the paint, and it had an open primary drive.

Mounted on the clutch hub was an exposed cross cut saw blade that had been chrome plated. I never saw the bike run but I assume that that blade had to spin when the bike was running.
Allen Millyard (Who I think built that Viper powered bike) has built a lot of auto engined motorcycles, and some really cool engines for them by making inline 4s into V8s and I'm pretty sure a CBX into a V12? I envy his skills... I'm thinking a V8 motorycle engine in a car could be pretty dang cool... rev to the moon... 400hp... nummy. EDIT: Turns out he used a Kawasaki for the V12, not a Honda. I forgot Kawi even made a six...

I've got to wonder what the torque reaction is like when you rev that Viper engine though. I had a Moto Guzzi for a while and never did get totally used to how it felt like it was falling over if you revved it up at a light...

Oops, I guess I type too slowly!

EDIT: As for the Tomahawk, Dodge themselves have apparently stated they aren't functional and were intended for display only. Art bikes. The Tomahawk was a publicity stunt, plan and simple. I probably wouldn't detest it quite so much if there weren't so many false claims about it's performance. But so many people bought into the ........ about how fast it is...

Desmo, yes they were built for display but, they did run and were rideable. The fact that they were a promotional concept and never factory tested for the road was the reason they are considered art displays . Millyards bike on the other hand using the same viper engine is certainly a motorcycle having been ridden at over 200mph. I don’t think Millyard ever built something he wouldn’t ride.
They were "non functional", they could run, but they were missing a few components that kept them from running. Makes me wonder if anybody made one run.