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Nov 18, 2007
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I haven't really been around for a few years. Most of the members names are new to me. I entered my first build off in 2008, actually two in 2008 (Kids Bike Build Off). I was an "old" man back then, and guess what, I haven't got any younger! A few years ago I lost my desire to build (anything). I got rid of just about anything bike related, except our Electra 21D's. I'm not as healthy as I was 10 years ago. Chronic problems have kept me off a bike for a while (can't sit comfortably for very long, plus AFIB, titanium knees etc.). So my wife and I started using Kickbikes (scooters) to get around for walks or nice easy rides on rail trails, a lot slower than bikes, but beats the crap out of walking. We stop for sandwiches, or coffee. We take pictures of trees, flowers, birds. Sometimes we sit on a bench and watch people ride by (OMG what happened to me!) Well I'm still KICKING (literally). I told my wife I wanted to build something. I wanted to enter a build off, bring back the "good ole days", like being the kid I was in my 50's! She was thrilled!:rolleyes: She knows I don't even have a spare tube anymore! So I'm going to enter a "bike" that will eventually end up as a scoot. I've tried this here a few years ago, just lost interest. Not this time! I gots some new meds (not for my head, for my heart)! So if you don't mind an old guy, on a pension, and social security, who may have to take time out to play BINGO...count me in!
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I've learned alot from some of the older posts over the past two years I've been here, I've even used your idea of bending forks in a conduit bender... The "KOTA" fork as it's called.

Welcome back, glad to see you're still kicking.
I've been in every build since I got here and have combed thru the archieves. I know who the best builders are/were (well I have an opinion...) and I think it's awesome to have you here building again. I was beginning to wonder if any of the heavyweights or crowd favorites were going to join in, and then RenMan and now KOTA are in, woohoo!

You're a swell fella Larry - good to see you back.

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Thank you everyone, for the welcome back.

Ian, I'll never forget, when we were on a Hartford ride, I had my long recumbent. We were going up an incline. I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward. It was YOU, pedaling alongside of me, giving me a push to get to the top......."That's a swell fella".
Kota! Im sure you dont recognize my name but several years ago i got a bike motor from you! I just "rejoined" today and ran across your post. Haven been on here for years myself...... so long i forgot my account info and had to start over hahaha.... Glad to hear you are back and wanting to get a build going again! Hope all is well (sounds like it is) and good luck with your newest project!
I remember!....I don't remember what I had for breakfast....
There must not have been any bacon, so it's not worth remembering.:grin:
I have bacon and eggs three times a week! Sausage and eggs four times a week.
Welcome back, Larry! It was a wondrous good surprise to see you and the wife at the bar in NoHo; made our day!!! :cool:
It was great seeing you guys! Who knows maybe I'll do a ride in the future.

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